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These stories offer a glimpse of the many ways in which faculty and students are addressing some of today's greatest challenges in the Earth and environmental sciences.
"Pono Me Ka 'Aina, Nau Ke Koho- Be right with the land. The choice is yours"
Submitted on Jan 31 2013 ES students Theo Gibbs, Lindley Mease, Jessica Eastling, Anna Doty & Iberia Zafira assisted E-IPER PhD Candidate Rachelle Gould with a presentation including hula, music, spoken word, and imagery in South Kona, Hawai'i.
Stanford-led team pioneers new way to survey thawing Arctic
Submitted on Jan 31 2013 In the snow of Alaska, a Stanford-led team of researchers has found a new way to determine if the soil beneath lakes, normally frozen, is thawing as a result of climate change.
Avoiding environmental catastrophe
Submitted on Jan 31 2013 An interview with Prof. Paul Ehrlich about his current thoughts about the state of the world as well as his recommendations to the current administration to avoid environmental catastrophe.
Earth Systems Announces New Sustainable Food & Agriculture Track!
Submitted on Oct 12 2012