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Energy Seminar - Tradeoffs and Contradictions: Transportation as a Key to Latin America's Clean Energy Future, Latin America mini-series (2 of 4)


Joseph Ryan, Vice President for Latin America and Program Officer for Transportation, ClimateWorks Foundation

Joseph Ryan currently serves as Vice President, Latin America, and Program Officer, Transportation. Prior to joining ClimateWorks, Mr. Ryan spent ten years in the Environment Program at the Hewlett Foundation as Program Officer and Managing Director for Latin America. In that role, he managed the foundation's international air quality and transportation grant making, which contributed to significant environmental policy changes in Mexico, Brazil, and China. Mr. Ryan has worked in Latin America for the past 15 years, six of which he spent based full-time in Brazil while working for the Hewlett Foundation. He has a Ph.D. in economic history from the University of California, Los Angeles and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Date and Time: 
Monday, April 28, 2014 - 4:15pm