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Senior Capstone and Reflection

The Senior Capstone and Reflection (EARTHSYS 210A, B, or C) and Earth Systems Capstone Project (EARTHSYS 210P) are requirements of the Earth Systems major.

EARTHSYS 210A, B, and C: Senior Capstone and Reflection, 3 units, letter grade. Course will meet twice each week for 90 minutes.

The Earth Systems Senior Capstone and Reflection, required of all seniors, provides students with opportunities to synthesize and reflect on their learning in the major. Students participate in guided career development and planning activities and initiate work on an independent or group capstone project related to an Earth Systems problem or question of interest. In addition, students learn and apply principles of effective oral communication through developing and giving a formal presentation on their internship. Students must also take EARTHSYS 210P, Earth Systems Capstone Project, in the quarter following the Senior Capstone and Reflection Course. Pre-requisite: Completion of an approved Earth Systems internship (EARTHSYS 260)

EARTHSYS 210P: Earth Systems Capstone Project, 1 unit, credit/no credit. 

Students work independently or in groups to complete their Senior Capstone Projects. They will participate in regular advising meetings with the instructor(s), and will give a final presentation on their projects at the end of the quarter in a special Earth Systems symposium. Pre-requisite: EARTHSYS 210A, B, or C.