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Foundations & Breadth:

BIO 41 or BIO 43 or BIO 43H or BIO 101 or EARTHSYS 30 or HUMBIO 2A & 2B or
    EARTHSYS 116
CHEM 31A & 31B or 31X
GS 1A, B, or C or GS 4 or EARTHSYS 117
MATH 19, 20, 21 or 41, 42
CME 100 (preferred), or MATH 51 and 52 (MATH 52 not required if CME 100 completed)
Statistics: BIO 174H or ECON 102A or STATS 110 or 116 or 141
EARTHSYS 210A, B, or C (Senior Capstone & Reflection)
EARTHSYS 210P (Capstone Project)
EARTHSYS 260 (Internship) 
WIM: EARTHSYS 200, or another designated WIM course in a related department- must be approved by an advisor. Your WIM course may not also count towards your track or electives, if counted as a WIM.
(These courses must be taken for a letter grade: EARTHSYS 10, 111, 112, 210 A/B/C, 200)


All track courses and electives must be taken for a letter grade. Six track courses and two electives (eight courses total), and the field experience are required for the Oceans track.

Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate:

Choose One:
CEE 63: Weather and Storms
EARTHSYS 146A (preferred): Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics: The Atmospheric Circulation

Physics of the Ocean:

Choose One:
EARTHSYS 164: Introduction to Physical Oceanography
EARTHSYS 146B: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics: The Ocean Circulation
(EARTHSYS 146B can be taken in addition to EARTHSYS 164 and would count as an elective.)

Spatial Analysis:

EARTHSYS 141: Remote Sensing of the Ocean

Biological Oceanography:

Choose one:
BIOHOPK 163H: Oceanic Biology
EARTHSYS 151 (preferred): Biological Oceanography
EARTHSYS 151 and 152 should be taken at the same time.)

Marine Chemistry:

EARTHSYS 152: Marine Chemistry 

Human Dimensions:

Choose One:
BIOHOPK 173H: Marine Conservation Biology
EARTHSYS 175: California Coast: Science, Policy, and Law

Field Experience:

Choose at least one:
1 quarter at Stanford @ SEA
1 quarter abroad at BOSP Australia
1 quarter at the Hopkins Marine Station
*Courses taken during Stanford @ Sea and BOSP Australia cannot be substituted for track requirements but can count toward electives.

Electives: TWO additional courses at the 100-level or above are required. Electives allow students to personalize their Earth Systems curriculum by pursuing higher-level courses offered in their focus area, or by incorporating new academic perspectives. Each must be a minimum of 3 units. See program staff for listing of possible electives.

Track Updated 8/2015