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Kevin Arrigo
arrigo at
T 650.723.3599
Y2E2 Room 141

Julie Kennedy
juliek at
T 650.725.4911
Y2E2 Room 133

Deana Fabbro-Johnston
Associate Director, Administration
deana at
T 650.725.3183
Y2E2 Room 129

Katie Phillips
kphill at
T 650.725.3028
Y2E2 Room 175

Kristin Tewksbury
Student Services Manager
ktewks at
T 650.725.7427
Y2E2 Room 127

Melissa Vallejo
Administrative Associate
mvallejo at
T. 650.723.8112
Y2E2 Room 127

Mailing Address
Earth Systems Program
Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building
473 Via Ortega, Rm. 131
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4215
T 650.725.7427
F 650.725.0958