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Advising and Mentoring Resources

These resources are for use by faculty, students, and staff to help improve advising mentoring relationships, particularly with respect to advising students in an interdisciplinary program like E-IPER.  Please let us know what works for you and what doesn't and suggest other materials we should post here.

E-IPER's Advising Guidelines

- download guidelines designed specifically for interdisciplinary students and committees, with input from E-IPER students, faculty, and alumni

Navigating Interdisciplinary Waters

- a 2010-2011 project funded by the Vice Provost for Graduate Education to address issues specific to interdisciplinary graduate students

insert workshop materials and readings

Vice Provost for Graduate Education

- advising policies and materials developed and adapted by Stanford's VPGE office

General Resources

- excellent resources developed by colleagues around the world

  • Entering Mentoring: an extensive resource, including a seminar series, developed at the University of Wisconsin with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Nature's Guide for Mentors: includes a self-assessment and many real-life examples of good mentors

References and Books

Oberg, Gunilla (2011) Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies: A Primer, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, UK: