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Oceans and Estuaries

E-IPER student Kristen Honey taking marine samples in the Monterey Bay. Courtesy of Kristen Honey.

We know less about marine ecosystems than we do about those on land, but the threats to ocean habitats and resources are increasingly apparent and urgent. Depletion of fisheries, acidification caused by climate change, dead zones caused by nutrients from agricultural run-off, and damage from off-shore drilling are just some examples demanding further study and intervention. Working with faculty at the Center for Ocean Solutions and Hopkins Marine Station, and with colleagues in non-profit organizations, E-IPER students tackle marine problems from a number of different angles.

What are the threats to local aquaculture communities in Chiloe, Chile from the worldwide increase in salmon consumption? — Andy Gerhart

Can more effective monitoring techniques be developed to accurately measure fish stocks and monitor marine protected areas off the California coast? — Kristen Honey

How can traditional indigenous knowledge be effectively applied to local Hawaiian fisheries under increasing threats from development and tourism? — Mehana Blaich Vaughan

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Oceans and Estuaries

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Center for Ocean Solutions (COS)
A strategic collaboration of the Woods Institute, COS focuses on finding practical and enduring solutions to the greatest challenges facing the oceans.