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Joann de Zegher

Title:PhD Student
Primary Affiliation:Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources
Office Location:Y2E2 226

Biographical Information

Joann was raised in a bilingual Belgian family with a love for cultural and natural diversity. Inspired by family travels, Joann was fortunate enough to travel across South-East Asia, South America, Africa and Europe, often on the basis of a research project or internship. The compiled experiences endowed her with a solid understanding of differing cultural, political and economic contexts and challenged her to look beyond constructed theoretical norms.

After observing how economic value governs decision-making processes at all levels of human organization, Joann decided to pursue a BSc. in Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Upon completing a research project on cooperative potential in the Marshall Islands and an internship in private equity in South Africa, Joann then continued her studies with a Pre-Master and a MSc. in Quantitative Finance, a specialization within Econometrics and Operations Research at the Erasmus University.


Joann's research focuses on (1) quantifying environmental dependence and environmental risk in global supply chains, with a current focus on water risk and climate risk; and (2) developing a better understanding of what this may imply for effective supply chain risk management and sustainability strategies. Currently, Joann is working on these topics in the context of the coffee industry and the textiles industry. In her studies and research, she works with both the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford School of Earth Sciences.

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