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Austin Becker

Title:Graduate, PhD 2013
Primary Affiliation:Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources
Other Affiliations:E-IPER
Office Location:
Alternative Website:University of Rhode Island Faculty Profile

Biographical Information

Austin grew up in Connecticut, but has spent equal time living in Rhode Island and on Cape Cod. His previous career was as a captain of schooners and tall ships. He designed and oversaw educational programs that engaged students in leadership training, taught traditional seamanship skills, and developed educational programs in maritime heritage, marine science, and contemporary marine affairs. As a professional mariner, Austin traveled throughout the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, the Caribbean, Thailand, and New Zealand. He returned to graduate school in 2005 and earned a Master of Marine Affairs and Master of Environmental Science and Management from the University of Rhode Island.


Austin's Ph.D. research explores the potential impacts of climate change on seaports around the globe. He focuses on the "adaptation" side of climate change and works across the disciplines of policy, economics, engineering and climate-change science to quantify the risks and vulnerabilities faced by ports and the economies that depend upon them. He is also exploring potential adaptation strategies that ports, policy makers, and the insurance industry may employ to build resiliency in the face of climate change.


Austin has been an instructor for CEE 129/229, Engineering and Policy Responses to Climate Change Impacts on Seaports, along with Prof. Martin Fischer and Dr. Ben Schwegler. He also helped create the ENVRES 220 Seminar, Our Coastal Society: An Interdisciplinary Seminar on Ocean/Coastal Themes, with Meg Caldwell. He also TA'd IPER 330, Research Approaches for Environmental Problem Solving.

Professional Activities

Before coming to Stanford, Austin worked for Rhode Island Sea Grant and the Coastal Resources Center on policy issues around urban working waterfronts and ports, marine-based recreation and tourism, and coastal environmental issues. In his role as a Marine Research Associate, he studied and analyzed data collected from maritime-industry stakeholders and collaborated on creating policy solutions that addressed conflicting demands for limited waterfront space, the marine economy, and the ecological health of the urban waterfront. In other previous lives, he owned and operated a yacht charter business with a classic wooden sailboat, worked as a marine surveyor, managed a marina on Cape Cod, and served on the municipal Harbor Management Committee in Provincetown, Mass. Continental Sloop Providence Austin still holds a 500-Ton U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license for ocean-going vessels.


  • 2006 | Master of Environmental Science and Management University of Rhode Island
  • 2005 | Master of Marine Affairs University of Rhode Island
  • 1995 | BA Maritime History Hampshire College
  • 1994 | n/a Maritime Studies Williams/Mystic Maritime Studies Program

Professional Experience

  • 2006 - 2008 | Marine Research Associate R.I. Sea Grant/Coastal Resources Center, URI
  • 1997 - 2005 | Captain Providence Maritime Heritage Foundation and various vessels up to 135'
  • 1997 - Present | 500-Ton Master License, All Oceans, Aux. Sail United States Coast Guard

Honors & Awards

    -     Contributing author to Coastal Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability: A Technical Input to the 2012 National Climate Assessment. Burkett, V.R. and Davidson, M.A. [Eds.]. Cooperative Report to the 2013 National Climate Assessment. -     Lieberman Fellowship (Awarded to 9 graduate students across all disciplines at Stanford for outstanding scholarship, teaching, and university service), 2011-2012. -     Certificate of Achievement in Mentoring in the School of Earth Sciences, 2011.  -     Centennial Teaching Assistant Award for outstanding teaching by Stanford graduate students, 2011. -     Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Environment and Resources, 2008-2011, 2012-2013. -     2nd Place at ASCE Ports 2010 Student Presentations Competition, 2010. -     McGee Award from the Stanford School of Earth Sciences to support research and travel, 2009. -     Award from the Stanford University Shell Fund to support research and travel, 2008. -     Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program Challenge Grant ($50k) to fund study, “A Comprehensive GIS-Based Inventory of Rhode Island’s Ports and Commercial Harbors.” Submitted with U.S. Team at URI Coastal Resources Center, 2007. -     Rhode Island Foundation Mini-Grant ($5k) to fund two-day workshop, “Identifying Innovative Solutions to Guide Development in Providence Harbor.” Submitted with U.S. Team at URI Coastal Resources Center, 2007.  

University Service

  • 2011 - Present | E-IPER Student Liaison Committee
  • 2011 - Present | Graduate Teaching Consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
  • 2008 - Present | Founder/Co-President, The Coastal Society, Stanford University Chapter
  • 2006 - 2007 | President, The Coastal Society, University of Rhode Island Student Chapter

Professional Activities

  • 2010 - Present | Working group member of PIANC Ports Working Group 150: Green Ports: A Practical Guide for a Sustainable Seaport
  • 2011 - Present | Coordintating author for UNCTAD Ad hoc expert group's consensus paper on seaport adaptation paper
  • 2011 - Present | Supporting author for US National Climate Assessment Report, Technical Input on Coasts Chapter
  • 2009 - Present | Reviewer for Journal of Climatic Change, Journal of Maritime Policy and Management, and Journal of Risk Management
  • 2007 | UNCONN American Experience Lecture Series, Guest Lecturer
  • 2007 | URI Integrated Graduate Research and Traineeship (IGERT), Guest Lecturer

Courses Taught

         CEE 129/229 - Climate Change Adaptation for Seaports: Engineering and Policy for a Sustainable Future
             Terms: All quarters, Winter 2009 - Autumn 2012   
         Co-instructors: Prof. Martin Fischer and Dr. Ben Schwegler
         CEE 129S/229S - Climate Change Adaptation in the Coastal Built Environment (Seminar/speaker series)
         Term: Winter 2011, Spring 2012 
             Co-instructors: Prof. Martin Fischer and Dr. Ben Schwegler  
    Teaching Assistant 
    ENVRES 220 - Our Coastal Society: An Interdisciplinary Seminar on Ocean/Coastal Themes 
         Term: Winter 2011
         Instructor: Prof. Meg Caldwell
    IPER 330 - Research Approaches for Environmental Problem Solving
         Term: Spring 2010
         Instructor: Profs. Peter Vitousek and Nicole Ardoin


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      Working papers
    1. Becker, A., Fischer, M., Matson, P., (In progress), “Risk identification for hurricane impacts on the seaport cluster: A case study of the Port of Gulfport (MS).”
    2. Ng, A.K.Y., Becker, A., Fischer, M., Messner, S., Moran, L., (In progress), “Climate change and the roles of the institutional system on the development of the Port of Sand Diego’s adaptation plan: A paradigm shift in port planning?”
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    PRESENTATIONS Invited (E = Expenses paid)
    1. Becker, A. (2012), “Climate change and ports: Qualitative analysis of consequences, plans, and requirements.” United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) International Conference on Adaptation of Transport Networks to Climate Change, Alexandroupolis, Greece, June 25-16. (E)
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