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Departments & Programs



Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Graduate, PhD 2014

Current research includes investigations of nutrient cycles in indigenous agricultural systems, an analysis of ecosystem services of different modern agricultural systems, and understanding layers of values in agricultural management regimes.

Andrew John Longenecker, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2013

Principal and Co-Founder
PSL Energy

Andrew Martin, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2010

Senior Product Manager

New York, NY

Head shot of Ellen Medlin

Ellen Medlin, Graduate, Joint JD-MS 2010

Associate Attorney

Sierra Club


Head shot of Tom Mercer

Tom Mercer, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2010

Product Manager


San Francisco, CA

energy efficiency, energy systems, water efficiency, water resource management

Adam Millard-Ball

Adam Millard-Ball, Graduate, PhD 2011

Assistant Professor
Environmental Studies Department
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA

Transportation, Energy, Climate Policy

Brenden Millstein, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2010


Carbon Lighthouse

Palo Alto, CA

Energy efficiency, energy efficiency finance, demand response, renewable energy, solar PPAs, carbon cap and trade, carbon allowances, carbon offset

Ashish Nagar, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2012

Kinestral Technologies, Inc.