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Departments & Programs



Sam Hodges, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2011

Co-Founder at Endurance Lending Network

Director at WorkingPoint

Board Observer At Clinical Metabolomics

Adviser/ Business Development at  SocioGramics

San Francisco Bay Area

Kristen Honey, Graduate, PhD 2012

Kristen's academic passion is collaborative and integrative fisheries management to bridge the gaps between regulators, scientists, and fishermen. She uses biological, economic, and engineering tools to develop new quantitative tools and simulation models for applied ocean challenges.

Picture of Holmes Hummel

Holmes Hummel, Graduate, PhD 2006

Senior Policy Advisor, Policy and International Affairs
U.S. Department of Energy

Washington DC

Personal Website

Ashish Jhina, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2012


The Boston Consulting Group

San Francisco