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Departments & Programs



Karan Chaudhry, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2010

Corporate Business Development Manager

Applied Materials

Santa Clara, CA

Marilyn Cornelius

Marilyn Cornelius, PhD 2013

Managing Director & Co-Founder
San Francisco Bay Area 

Danny Cullenward, Graduate, JD/PhD 2013

Philomathia Research Fellow
UC Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute
Berkeley, CA 

Michael Dawson , Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2010

Director of Business Development


Washington, DC

Head shot of Edwin Dietrich

Edwin Dietrich, Graduate, Joint JD-MS 2008

Medical Student

PRIME-US Program

UCSF School of Medicine

San Francisco, CA

Head shot of Michael Dorsey

Michael Dorsey, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2011


Dorsey Companies

San Francisco Bay Area

Tom Elson, Graduate, Joint MBA-MS 2012

Media Budget Manager at Obama for America

Chicago, IL