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Featured News

These stories offer a glimpse of the many ways in which faculty and students are addressing some of today's greatest challenges in the Earth and environmental sciences.

Got Breadfruit?

An E-IPER student works with an interdisciplinary team in Hawaii to increase breadfruit's share of the global food market.

Silver Lining in the Climate Cloud

E-IPER's Joint MS students used their Capstone Project to develop business plans and policy ideas focused on reducing carbon emissions.

Melting Glaciers, Dying Trees

E-IPER student Lauren Oakes is designing an ecological study to understand changes in the coastal forest community.

Noteworthy Achievements

E-IPER students' work is recognized through awards, publications, and presentations.

A Passion for Place

E-IPER students write creatively about the places and people that contribute to their research.

Joint MS Graduates Take the Plunge: Crossing Boundaries

Newly minted E-IPER environmental leaders head out into the real world.

Global Reach: Crossing Boundaries

E-IPER students disperse to tackle world problems.

E-IPER Dissertations Stack Up: Creating Change

Students' theses yield insights into land use conflicts, climate change risks, and water scarcity.

Training the Next Generation: Collaborating Locally

E-IPER PhD students mentor the next generation of scholars and leaders.

Students' Voices: Communicating Discoveries

Clean hands and green products, transportation and evapo-transporation – E-IPER students share their work at conferences and in publications.