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Tracking Alumni

Women gathering water from tanker truck, Indore, India (courtesy Pacific Institute / Institute for Social and Environmental Transition)

Last summer Emma Wendt (Joint MBA-MS 2009) moved to Ann Arbor, MI, where she joined Ann Arbor SPARK, a local economic development agency. As an entrepreneurial services connector, Emma meets with entrepreneurs to review their business ideas and connect them with resources at her organization and elsewhere. While her job does not have an explicit environmental focus, she adds a sustainability lens in her feedback to start-up companies. Emma is also very involved in local sustainability issues (a perk of moving to a smaller, more manageable city), through the local biking and walking advocacy group and the local food movement.

"The strong business and technical background I gained at Stanford are invaluable for helping me evaluate companies in industries I have little to no background in."

Ellen Medlin (Joint JD-MS 2010) completed her judicial clerkship with Judge Raymond C. Fisher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and is now an associate attorney with the Sierra Club in San Francisco. In her new position, Ellen helps Sierra Club's local chapters make strategic decisions on new litigation to protect the environment and works on a variety of national environmental issues including clean energy, clean air and water, and public lands issues.

"My job at the Sierra Club requires me to look at environmental litigation from all angles, so I need to be up on the science and policy issues, not just the law. I'm often grateful for my E-IPER training, which gave me critical background that now allows me to delve into the specifics of each case quickly."

Completing her postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Veena Srinivasan (PhD 2008) joined the Pacific Institute's International Water and Communities Initiative as a senior research affiliate last summer. She has co-authored two major Pacific Institute reports: Climate Change and Urbanisation: Building Resilience in the Urban Water Sector - a Case Study of Indore, India; and a scoping paper on multiple-use water services for the Rockefeller Foundation, to be released next month. Veena also participated in an international meeting hosted by the Pacific Institute for water sector funders, researchers and practitioners on multiple-use water services, and spoke at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club's India Speaker Series.

"It's been fun so far. This year has been largely about fundraising - both for research and to create a network of researchers interested in socio-hydrology."