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Mori Point

What kinds of jobs do E-IPER Joint MS graduates get? Is the Joint MS degree opening new doors for them on the job market? Recent alumni updates suggest their E-IPER experiences are launching them in interesting directions:

Protecting Ecoystems
Megan Herzog (Joint JD-MS 2011) is enjoying her work as a Law Fellow at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC, working on projects related to preventing cumulative ecosystem impacts in the Pacific Coast, restoration of the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and mitigating the effects of Marcellus Shale drilling in central Appalachian states, among other exciting domestic and international legal research and policy projects.

Leveraging the Internet
Ed CastaƱo (Joint MBA-MS 2011) is interested in the CleanWeb space - clean technology that leverages the capability of the Internet, social media, and mobile technologies to address resource constraints. Ed is learning to program and recently launched his blog, MBAHacks. While at Stanford he created WriteGreen, an environmental advocacy platform to promote civic engagement.

Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency
While finishing his E-IPER degree, Brenden Millstein (Joint MBA-MS 2010) co-founded Carbon Lighthouse, which since last year has contracted with 160 schools and businesses in California and Oregon. Last month, Carbon Lighthouse finished construction at two more pilot sites, and the projects are saving 3 pounds of CO2 every minute and tens of thousands of dollars a year. Carbon Lighthouse is expanding, so contact them if you want to help reduce carbon emissions and know someone in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Moving the Solar Industry
Jason Kaminsky (Joint MBA-MS 2009) joined Wells Fargo's Environmental Finance Group in San Francisco this summer. He leads project finance investments into solar assets across the United States, working across the bank to identify and implement financial investments into other environmental sectors. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Jason was Strategic Assistant to the CEO at SPG Solar, Inc., one of the leading PV solar integration companies on the west coast with over 1,300 successful projects since 2001. In this position he drove strategic initiatives across the company, such as the company's growth plan and corporate partnerships. Prior to SPG, he spent time at Chevron (R&D investment strategy), Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's Power Systems Group (US market analysis), and Aero Logistics (green products for the logistics industry), and worked on a number of start-ups related to the smart grid, water conservation, and carbon mitigation.

Financing Conservation
Since graduating from E-IPER, Brian Shillinglaw (Joint JD-MS 2008) has worked in the field of conservation finance, searching for actionable, real world methods to help make sustainable land management profitable and mainstream. He manages carbon investments and policy at New Forests, a company managing over $1 billion in capital for investments in sustainable forestry and associated environmental markets, including carbon, water and biodiversity. Brian is currently investing a fund in forest carbon offset projects for the California cap and trade market under AB32, with a goal of financing conservation forestry and protecting 100,000 acres of working forest in the Pacific coastal states over the next 3-4 years. Markets for ecosystem services are a small piece of the conservation puzzle, but an important one if we can make them work.