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Noteworthy Achievements: Communicating Discoveries

On the conference circuit, through publications, awards and fellowships, in courses and workshops, E-IPER students and faculty make an impact.

Creating PolicyE-IPER students present at many professional conferences and publish their work in a variety of scholarly journals. Our Joint MS students are addressing sustainability by starting innovative businesses. Several students recently received awards in recognition of their achievements.


Sumi Kim (Joint MBA-MS 3rd) and Shane Lauf (Joint MBA-MS 2nd) were honored with the Graduate School of Business' Siebel Scholars Award for their academic achievement and demonstrated leadership.

Rachelle Gould (PhD 4th), Rodrigo Pizarro (PhD 4th), and Mehana Blaich Vaughan (PhD 5th) were named Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research for support of their doctoral dissertation research.

Amy J. Pickering (PhD 4th) received an O'Bie Shultz Dissertation Research Travel Grant from the Freeman Spogli Institute.


Adam Millard-Ball (PhD 5th): Are We Reaching Peak Travel? Trends in Passenger Transport in Eight Industrialized Countries, Transport Reviews, with Lee Schipper (Precourt), in press.

Amy J. Pickering (PhD 4th): Bacterial Hand Contamination Among Tanzanian Mothers Varies Temporally and Following Household Activities, Tropical Medicine and International Health, with Timothy Julian (CEE), Simon Mamuya (Muhumbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania), Alexandria Boehm (CEE), and Jenna Davis (CEE), in press.

Nikit Abhyankar (PhD 4th): Mitigation (of climate change), Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather (2nd ed), edited by S. Schneider and M. Mastrandrea, Oxford University Press, in press.


Austin Becker (PhD 3rd):
Climate Change Impacts on International Transport Networks workshop, joint United Nations Economic Commission for Europe/United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland, August.

Adam Millard-Ball (PhD 5th):
Do City Climate Plans Reduce Emissions? Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning conference, Minneapolis, October.

Narasimha Rao (PhD 5th):
Impacts of Climate Mitigation: A Case Study of Maharasthra's Electricity
Sector, workshop on Externality Valuation and Input-Output Analysis
hosted by Exiopol, Venice, Italy.


Christoph Frehsee (Joint MBA-MS 2nd) and Parisian designer Linda Balti co-founded Amour Vert, an eco-conscious fashion line for the fashionable and environmentally-conscious woman whose design philosophy is that the modern woman should not have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

Brenden Millstein (Joint MBA-MS 3rd) incorporated his start-up, Carbon Lighthouse which implements efficiency, demand response, and solar projects and buys and retires carbon allowances, Carbon Lighthouse is already working with an East Bay school to help it fully eliminate its carbon footprint.

Image credit: Courtesy of Katie Phillips