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Noteworthy Achievements: Communicating Discoveries

Communicating Discoveries

Achievements and Acknowledgements

Communicating DiscoveriesOn the conference circuit, through publications, awards and fellowships, in courses and workshops, E-IPER students and faculty make an impact.

Awards and Fellowships
Peter Vitousek (E-IPER faculty director, Clifford G. Morrison Professor in Population and Resource Studies, Biology) was awarded the 2010 Japan Prize for his pioneering work in the field of biogeochemistry. In April Peter received the prize at the Science and Technology Foundation of Japan in the presence of the Emperor of Japan. Read more...

Austin Becker (2nd year PhD) was awarded 2nd place in the student presentation competition for his presentation, Climate Change Impacts on Ports: A Global Survey Preliminary Results, at the American Society of Civil Engineers Ports 2010 Conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Michael Dawson (Joint MS-MBA '10) was awarded the Feigenbaum Nii Prize for his Spring quarter Capstone Project, Understanding Utility Requirements for Grid-Scale Batteries.

Narasimha Rao (4th year PhD) won the Centennial Teaching Assistant award for his work with Debra Satz (Philosophy) and Steve Schneider (Biology and Woods) on a new course offered this spring, Ethics and Environmental Choices.

Marilyn Cornelius and Rachelle Gould (3rd year PhD) were each awarded a three-year Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship for their work on energy efficiency and behavior change and on forest restoration and cultural ecosystem services, respectively.

Noa Lincoln (2nd year PhD) received a three-year National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship for his work on modern and indigenous agricultural practices in Hawai'i. Noa was also a finalist for the Switzer Environmental Fellowship.

Adam Millard-Ball (4th year PhD) was awarded an Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship from the US Department of Transportation to support his work on local climate planning and the impact of carbon trading programs on the transportation sector.

Andrew Perlstein (5th year PhD) received a one-year fellowship from the Freeman Spogli Institute's China Fund for his research on urbanization, land-use policy, and urban planning practices in China.

Nicola Ullibari, incoming PhD student, was awarded both the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and the Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering (SGF). Incoming student Greg Bratman also holds the SGF and incoming student Frances Moore will continue her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Austin Becker (2nd year PhD): Ready Whatever the Weather, Ports and Harbors. March 2010, Vol 55 No 2.

Hilary Schaffer Boudet (PhD '10) and Len Ortolano. A tale of two sitings: Contentious politics in liquefied natural gas facility siting in California. Journal of Planning Education and Research, in press.

Dane Klinger (2nd year PhD): Sustainability and Global Seafood, Science Magazine, Vol. 327. no. 5967, pp. 784 - 786, DOI: 10.1126/science.1185345.

Amy Pickering (3rd year PhD), Jennifer Davis, Alexandra Boehm, et al: Hands, Water, and Health: Fecal Contamination in Tanzanian Communities with Improved, Non-Networked Water Supplies. Environmental Science & Technology, 2010; 44 (9): 3267 (10.1021/es903524m; Press Release.

Conference Posters and Presentations
Rachael Garret (2nd year PhD): A Spatially Explicit Macroeconomic Model of Soybean Expansion in Brazil, in the Drivers and Impacts of Agricultural Land Use Change session at the Annual Association of American Geographers meeting, Washington DC, April 2010.

Jason Kaminsky (GSB '08, E-IPER '09): Enhancing Water and Energy Resources: Capping Reservoirs with PV Solar Energy Systems, at the Photovoltaics Summit in San Diego in May. Jason, who is Strategic Assistant to the CEO at SPG Solar, also introduced their new "Floatovoltaics" product.

Adam Millard-Ball (4th year PhD): Reducing Transportation Emissions in the Developing World: The Promise and Perils of Carbon Trading, at a UC-Davis Institute for Transportation Studies seminar. Adam also presented his work at a UCLA symposium, Measuring Progress Towards Transportation Greenhouse Gas Goals.

Lauren Oakes (1st year PhD): To Think, To Write, To Publish workshop,
Consortium for Science Policy & Outcomes, Arizona State University, in May in Tempe, AZ; also participated in the NSF-sponsored workshop, Landscapes in the Anthropocene: Exploring the Human Connections, at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR in March.

Austin Becker (2nd year PhD): Climate Change Impacts on Ports: A Global Survey Preliminary Results, SeaLevelRise 2010 Conference, Corpus Christi, TX; also at the American Society of CivilEngineers Ports 2010 Conference in Jacksonville, FL; Climate ChangeAdaptation at the American Association of Port Authorities' Harbors, Navigation, and Environment and GreenPorts Conference in Charleston, SC; and at the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) Mid-Term Meeting - Economic Recovery in the Maritime Trades in Savannah, GA; Impacts of Climate Change on Seaports: A Survey of Knowledge, Perceptions, and Planning Efforts of PortAdministrators, The Coastal Society, Shifting Shorelines: Adapting to the Future AnnualConference, Wilmington, NC.

Over spring break, Tom Mercer (Joint MS-MBA '10) and two GSB colleagues led a Service Learning Trip through California and Nevada that examined water resource issues in the Western U.S. The trip included a stop at the Capitol building in Sacramento, a tour of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem and infrastructure, visits to Central Valley farms, a special Bureau of Reclamation tour of the Hoover Dam, and a visit to a facility in Orange County treating municipal sewage to drinking water quality and pumping it into the local aquifer. Among the trip participants were E-IPER Joint MBA-MS students Ashish Jhina, John Krzywicki, Ashish Nagar, and DanTuttle.

New Jobs for Graduates
Hilary Schaffer Boudet (PhD '10): Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Medicine/Stanford Prevention Research Center, Stanford, CA

Kate Brauman (PhD '10): Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Minnesota, Institute on the Environment, Twin Cities, MN

Kim Nicholas Cahill (PhD '09): Assistant Professor in Sustainability Science, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, Lund, Sweden

Michael Hooper (PhD '10): Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA

Carolyn Snyder (PhD '10): Director for Clean Energy
and Climate Policy, State of Delaware's Department of Natural Resources
and Environmental Control, Dover, DE

Ellen Medlin (Joint MS-JD '10): Clerkship with Judge Raymond Fisher, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Pasadena, CA

Jared Thompson (Joint MS-JD '10): Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington DC; Hogan Lovells, Washington DC (as of Dec 2011)

Greg Wannier (Joint MS-JD '10): Fellow, Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia University, New York, NY

Karan Chaudhry (Joint MS-MBA '10): Business Associate, Deeya Energy, Fremont, CA

Irina Goldshteyn Farooq (Joint MS-MBA '09): Senior Product Manager, Silver Spring Networks, San Francisco, CA

Andy Martin (Joint MS-MBA '09): Senior Product Manager, Energy Hub, New York, NY

Tom Mercer (Joint MS-MBA '10): Research Project Manager, Program on Water in the West, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Michael Dawson (Joint MS-MBA '10): Director of Business Development, OPOWER, Washington DC

Annie Hazlehurst (Joint MS-MBA '10): Associate, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Menlo Park, CA

Read more about these recent graduates and their new positions on our website.

Image credit: Katie Phillips. Pictured from left to right: E-IPER students Valentina Zuin, Michael Dawson, Dane Klinger, Megan Herzog, Michael Ovadia, Noa Lincoln, Sarah Greer, Danny Cullenward