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Noteworthy Achievements

Tom Robinson, Marilyn Cornelius, Rachelle Gould, and Nicole Ardoin at the Nov. 2010 reception for Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellows.

Notable Events

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellows Reception November 9, 2010
Marilyn Cornelius, PhD 4th. Lead advisors: Nicole Ardoin, Education and Tom Robinson, Medicine. Rachelle Gould, PhD 4th. Lead advisors: Gretchen Daily, Biology and Nicole Ardoin, Education
 - Marilyn dedicated her fellowship to the late Stephen Schneider and Terry Root and wrote a tribute to Steve, which was read by Professor Robinson.

Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium December 3, 2010

- featuring presentations of our Joint MS Students' Capstone Projects. Watch the presentations on video.

Chi Conference January 14, 2011
- sponsored by the Woods Institute for the Environment to promote innovative dialogue between environmental researchers across Stanford's seven schools.
E-IPER presenters: Hilary Boudet, PhD 2010Marilyn Cornelius, PhD 4th; Amanda Cravens, PhD 2nd; Dane Klinger, PhD 3rd;and Veena Srinivasan, PhD 2009.  Other E-IPER attendees: Rachelle Gould, PhD 4th; Noa Lincoln, PhD 3rd; and Nicola Ulibarri, PhD 1st. Nicole Ardoin, Education, chaired the conference and Marilyn Cornelius and Hilary Boudet served on its Advisory Committee.






Danny Cullenward, PhD-JD, 3rd: Psychohistory Revisited: Fundamental Issues in Forecasting Climate Futures, Climatic Change, 2010, with Lee Schipper, Precourt, Anant Sudarshan MS&E, and Richard B. Howarth Dartmouth College, in press.

Rachelle Gould, PhD 4th: 'Malama the 'aina, Malama the people on the 'aina': The Reaction to Avatar in Hawai'i, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, 2010, with Nicole Ardoin Education, and Jennifer Hashimoto University of Hawai'i at Hilo.

Amy J. Pickering, PhD 4th: The Effects of Informational Interventions on Household Water Management, Hygiene Behaviors, Stored Drinking Water Quality, and Hand Contamination in Peri-urban Tanzania, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2011, with Alexandria Boehm CEE and Jenna Davis CEE.

Caroline Scruggs, PhD 5th: Collaborated with International Chemical Secretariat on a report, Information on Chemicals in Electronic Products: A study of Needs, Gaps, Obstacles, and Solutions to Provide and Access Information on Chemicals in Electronic Products, 2010.

Adam Millard-Ball, PhD 5th: Adverse Selection in an Opt-in Emissions Trading Program: The Case of Sectoral Crediting for Transportation, Stanford's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (2010 working paper).


Presentations and Posters

Caroline Scruggs, PhD 5th:

Creating Safer Consumer Products: The Information Challenges Companies Face, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, Lund University, Sweden, November 2010.

Amy J. Pickering, PhD 4th:
Fecal Contamination on the Hands of Tanzanian Mothers Varies Temporally and Following Household Activities: Implications for Measuring Handwashing Behavior, Water and Health: Where Science meets Policy, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, October 2010; and American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting in Atlanta, GA, November 2010.

Adam Millard-Ball, PhD 5th:
presented two papers at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January in Washington, DC: Reducing CO2 Through Sectoral Crediting: The Challenges of Adverse Selection, and Do City Climate Plans Reduce Transportation Emissions?

Marilyn Cornelius, PhD 4th:
presentation on Energy Behavior and Ethnography, with Carrie Armel (Precourt), and a poster on Global Identity and Sustainability Related Attitudes and Behaviors, as a factor influencing sustainability related attitudes and behaviors, Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference, Sacramento, CA, November 2010.


Noteworthy Achievements

The paper by Adam Millard-Ball, PhD 5th, and Lee Schipper, Precourt, Are We Reaching Peak Travel? Transport Reviews, 2011, was featured prominently in The Atlantic and Wired news blogs, and was covered in one of Germany's largest newspapers, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Lauren Oakes, PhD 2nd, received a Community Engagement Grant from Stanford's Haas Center for Public Service to support her research on forestry and climate change in Alaska.

Caroline Scruggs, PhD 5th, collaborated with the Swedish industry association Teknikföretagenon a survey of members' needs and uses of chemicals-related information for product design and manufacture.

The Sound Advice for Green Earth (SAGE) column, led by Tom Hayden, E-IPER, is now being distributed through multiple sources: Stanford magazine, SAGE's first outlet, and via the graduate journalism program's Peninsula Press project, to the San Francisco Chronicle and Bay Citizen websites. Submit your own sustainability questions here.