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New Faculty and Students Join the E-IPER Community

E-IPER faculty and students at Jasper Ridge during the annual retreat.

E-IPER is pleased to welcome new affiliated faculty members: Karen Casciotti, Environmental Earth System Science; Larry Crowder, Biology and the Center for Ocean Solutions; Brian Knutson, Psychology; Anna Michalak, Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution; Ram Rajagopal, Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Michael Wilcox, Anthropology.

The E-IPER Executive Committee welcomes new members: Lisa Curran, Anthropology; Eric Lambin, Environmental Earth System Science; and John Weyant, Management Science and Engineering; and continuing members Gretchen Daily, Biology; Jenna Davis, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Erica Plambeck, Graduate School of Business; Buzz Thompson, Law; and Peter Vitousek, faculty director and professor in Biology.

We also welcomed five new PhD and over 25 new Joint MS students in September, bringing the current student community to 36 PhD and 52 Joint MS students this year.