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Living Sustainably

Joint MS students Norris and Frehsee present their Capstone Project (courtesy J. Warren)

For their Capstone Projects, Joint MBA-MS and JD-MS students again combined their professional skills with science, engineering, and technology to develop creative solutions to current and future sustainability challenges. Eleven excellent projects ranging from reducing vehicle miles traveled, exploring the link between price-elasticity and vegetable consumption, to helping community educational farms develop curriculum were just a few of the topics the students explored. With themes on driving, dressing, eating, and drinking, the projects provided tangible ideas for living sustainably.

Students presented their projects at the public Capstone Symposium and were evaluated by a group of faculty for the Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Prize. This year's winners were Deirdre Norris (Joint MBA-MS 2011) and Christoph Frehsee (Joint MBA-MS 3rd), for their project, Disrupting the Unsustainable Fashion Accessories Market, exploring the sustainability of fashion accessories using recycled and low-energy cost materials. Also a winner, Ashish Nagar (Joint MBA-MS 2011) explored opportunities to provide insurance and better recycling methods for used hybrid car batteries, working in part with Tesla Motors for his project Insurance for Batteries from Electric Vehicles. Videos of presentations can be viewed here.