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Landing in Higher Education

courtesy Fran Moore

Joanne Gaskell (PhD 2012) has taken a postdoctoral scholar position in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at University of California, Berkeley.  She will be continuing her PhD research on oil palm, comparing the ecosystem services associated with small-scale versus industrial oil palm plantations in association with the Center for Diversified Farming Systems.

Adam Millard-Ball (PhD 2011) has taken up a new position as assistant professor in the Environmental Studies Department at University of California, Santa Cruz.  He will be teaching courses in environmental economics and urban sustainability, and continuing his research on the effectiveness of local climate planning efforts, the design of carbon offset programs, and pathways to motorization in the developing world.

Caroline Scruggs (PhD 2012) has started as Assistant Professor in the Community and Regional Planning Program in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico.  She will be teaching and conducting research on sustainability as it relates to human and environmental health.

Emma Wendt (Joint MBA-MS 2009) started a new job in August as Student Affairs Manager at the Erb Institute, University of Michigan.  She works with students throughout their life cycle, including prospectives, current students, and alumni and enjoys supporting people with such similar interests, and to be able to lean on her E-IPER experience at Stanford to help them through the process.