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Inspiring Change

courtesy Noa Lincoln

Six months before graduating, Brendan Millstein (Joint MBA-MS 2011) launched Carbon Lighthouse to make it profitable for commercial and industrial buildings to become carbon neutral. They've since completed 80+ projects in California and Oregon, are profitable, and are closing in on their first 15,000,000 pounds of CO2 reductions. This is about ten-million times short of stopping climate change, but at least directionally correct. 

Along with ATREE, Bangalore, Veena Srinivasan (PhD 2008) is initiating research on adaptation and vulnerability to climate change in urbanizing watersheds in India. She will be co-PI on this 3-year grant funded by IDRC Canada.  Over the summer, she also worked with Skoll Global Threat's Fund, helping them develop their long-term strategy on transboundary conflicts in South Asia.  Other exciting developments are various initiatives she is engaged in to promote comparative water research through a Socio-hydrology Research Network. The network will be organizing sessions at AGU and AAAS and a edited special issue in the journals Hydrology and Earth System Science. Her post-doc research on comparative water research will be published as a featured article in the next issue of Water Resources Research.