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Faculty and Students Explore the South Seas

E-IPER affiliated faculty Barbara Block (Biology) and Rob Dunbar (Environmental Earth Systems Science) were joined by Dane Klinger and Austin Becker (both PhD 3rd) for the Stanford at SEA Program this spring. Austin sailed as 3rd mate and Dane served as one of the program's teaching assistants. The 10-week program brought 21 Stanford undergraduate and Masters students on a 3000-mile voyage from Hawaii to the remote islands of Palmyra, Kiritimati (Republic of Kiribati), and tiny Kingman Reef. Along the way, the students carried out scientific research using the 135-foot brigantine Robert C. Seamans' extensive laboratory and deep-water deployment facilities. They swam with sharks and manta rays, snorkeled pristine reefs of remote atolls, and practiced the art of celestial navigation. The Stanford at SEA Program highlights the best of interdisciplinary research, as students explore oceanography, coral reef ecology, nautical science and more. Block and Dunbar created the program jointly with the Sea Education Association in 2003 and have since brought over 110 Stanford students to sea. Relive the voyage through their blog.