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Diving into Research

Students sampling tar from natural seeps at Tarwater Creek, San Mateo County

Katrina ole-MoiYoi (PhD 2nd) spent part of the summer in Kenya, where she conducted exploratory research on the burgeoning East African aquaculture industry. She visited fish farms throughout Kenya and met with rural fish farmers, large-scale commercial operators, NGOs and Ministry of Fisheries officials to learn about research priorities in the field. 

Lauren Oakes (PhD 4th) completed measurements of the 50 sites in her study on the ecological responses to yellow-cedar decline in Southeast Alaska.  In order to make comparisons to the understory and overstory populations in dead stands, Lauren collected data from healthy forests in Glacier Bay National Park, just north of the area affected by mortality.  She also piloted interviews for the next stage of her research on the social response to this forest dieback, associated with climate change.  She continues to write about her work for the New York Times

Aiga Stokenberga (PhD 2nd) spent the first month of the Summer quarter teaching a self-designed course on Topics in Energy and Earth Systems to a class of 26 high-school students as part of the Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) here at Stanford. The course covered a broad range of topics, from conventional energy sources and their geological origins to renewable energy technologies and basics of environmental economics. During the second half of the summer, Aiga went to Bogotá, Colombia, to meet with a variety of public and private actors involved in the city's land use and transportation planning processes, especially those aimed at connecting low-income housing projects to Transmilenio, Bogotá's Bus Rapid Transit system.