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Connecting with Hawai'i

Peter Vitousek talks with students about soil biogeochemistry.

This past Autumn Quarter, through the Stanford Earth Systems Wrigley Field Program in Hawaiʻi, two E-IPER PhD students, Noa Lincoln (PhD 5th) and Dan Reineman (PhD 3rd), spent the fall quarter teaching 16 Stanford undergraduates about Hawaiʻi, Science, and Life. The class hiked over recent lava fields on their way to view the active flows from the Puʻu Oʻo vent on Kilauea volcano. As the lava cools, the topmost layer forms a sheen of volcanic glass that cracks and crinkles under every step.   E-IPER Faculty Director, Peter Vitousek, lectured on soil biogeochemistry in the forest at Volcano National Park. The typical "classroom" setting for the quarter usually involved getting very dirty, or very wet, or both.  The class spent several weeks studying, among other things, the history and science of agriculture.