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These stories offer a glimpse of the many ways in which faculty and students are addressing some of today's greatest challenges in the Earth and environmental sciences.

Life Beyond E-IPER: Crossing Boundaries

Graduates reflect on their E-IPER experience and their careers working on climate policy in Washington DC.

Mozambique to Chile to Hawai'i: Collaborating Locally

Three stories of E-IPER students conducting research in close collaboration with local people, universities and organizations.

Noteworthy Achievements: Communicating Discoveries

E-IPER students' work is made public through publications, presentations, and awards.

Noteworthy Achievements: Communicating Discoveries

On the conference circuit, through publications, awards and fellowships, in courses and workshops.

Law and Science Mix it Up: Creating Policy

E-IPER Joint JD-MS students find strategic niches for preserving our land and oceans.

Balancing the Environment and Business: Changing Markets

Capstone Projects aim to sustain both the economy and the environment.

Small Steps to Sustainability: Changing Behavior

Line dry your clothes? Eat less sushi? What motivates people to change their behaviors for the greater good?

Got Questions?: Choosing Sustainability

Sustainable Advice for a Green Earth (SAGE) students take on complex questions about how to be green.

Joint MS Graduates Take the Plunge: Crossing Boundaries

Newly minted E-IPER environmental leaders head out into the real world.