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Natural Capital Project Hosts Embedded Journalists
Submitted on Apr 6 2011

E-IPER lecturer Tom Hayden and journalism students dive into the Natural Capital Project to blog about the human side of research.

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellows Tackle Complex Problems
Submitted on Mar 21 2011

Interdisciplinary fellows, including E-IPER PhD students Amy Pickering, Marilyn Cornelius, and Rachelle Gould, pursue research on challenging global social and environmental issues.

Climate change may reduce yield of corn crops
Submitted on Mar 13 2011

Environmental Earth System Science professor David Lobell and colleagues use historical data of sub-Saharan Africa corn yields to predict future effects of global temperature increases.

Uncertainty of Future Climate Change Predictions
Submitted on Mar 1 2011

E-IPER PhD-JD student Danny Cullenward, Precourt researcher Lee Schipper, and others discuss fundamental challenges in forecasting climate change in Climatic Change.

Golf Carts and Nuclear Reactors
Submitted on Mar 4 2011

E-IPER Joint MS Student Capstone Projects take a new view on the environment.

The Human Environment
Submitted on Mar 4 2011

Humanities scholars shed new light on the past, present, and future of environmental change.

Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium Videos Now Available
Submitted on Mar 4 2011

View videos of three E-IPER Joint MS Student Capstone Project presentations.

New Interdisciplinary Energy Center Connects Law and Business
Submitted on Mar 4 2011

The Steyer Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance will focus on the development, financing, management and regulation of clean energy.

Outsourcing Deforestation
Submitted on Mar 4 2011

EESS professor Eric Lambin and colleagues analyze reforestation and deforestation trends across developing country borders.

Reviving California's Monterey Bay
Submitted on Mar 4 2011

Stephen Palumbi, Hopkins Marine Station director and Biology professor, celebrates the Bay's return to health in his new book, The Death & Life of Monterey Bay.