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School of Earth Sciences Graduation Photos
Submitted on Jun 24 2011

See photos of E-IPER students at the graduation ceremony.

E-IPER Summer Newsletter Available
Submitted on Jun 17 2011

The summer edition of the newsletter, featuring our graduating students, is now available.

SAGE Advice on Environmental Dilemmas
Submitted on May 25 2011

SAGE: Sound Advice for a Green Earth, is a Stanford project led by E-IPER lecturer Tom Hayden where students answer the public's questions on sustainability in a regular column. The project is dedicated to providing sound environmental information and advice and concerned citizens are taking notice. SAGE was recently featured in The Peninsula Press and SF Gate and was mentioned in the widely read blogs, Tree Hugger and Boing Boing

Rotten to the Core, Corruption in Afghanistan
Submitted on May 19 2011

E-IPER PhD student Justin Mankin answers the question, "Why does the West, after nearly a decade of war in Afghanistan, still have no viable strategy for fighting corruption?"

Seaports Need a Plan for Climate Change
Submitted on May 16 2011

Seaports are not prepared to protect themselves from future sea level rise due to climate change, E-IPER PhD student Austin Becker and colleagues reveal.

Farmers Affected By Climate Change, Though Not Yet in US
Submitted on May 6 2011

E-IPER affiliated faculty member David Lobell and colleagues model temperature and precipitation effects on various global crop yields.

Read E-IPER's Spring Newsletter
Submitted on May 6 2011

Spring Newsletter features stories about interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, water management, and much more.

Water Storage Solution Wins an Award
Submitted on May 6 2011

E-IPER Joint MBA-MS student Yohei Iwasaki wins a seed funding award for his fledgling business, mOasis.

California's Water: from Conflict to Resolution
Submitted on Apr 28 2011

New approach to manage California's aquatic ecosystems proposed by E-IPER affiliated faculty member Buzz Thompson and colleagues.

Aquaculture Waste Not Addressed By Dilution
Submitted on Apr 7 2011

Modeling the path of fish farm waste, E-IPER affiliated faculty Oliver Fringer, Jeff Koseff, and Roz Naylor suggest that effluent may impact coastal communities more severely than expected.