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Sustainable Farming in Hawaii
Submitted on Jan 3 2012

E-IPER's Noa Lincoln finds clues for sustainable farming in ancient Hawaiian techniques.

Climate Change Progress?
Submitted on Dec 16 2011

E-IPER's Fran Moore and other Stanford students comment on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change talks in San Francisco.

Occupy Stanford
Submitted on Dec 12 2011



E-IPER Affiliated Faculty member Paul Ehrlich takes part in leading the Occupy Stanford movement.

Climate Extremes and Global Warming
Submitted on Nov 15 2011



Q&A with E-IPER affiliated faculty member Chris Field.

Ten Years Later
Submitted on Oct 31 2011


Read about our alumni, students' summer adventures, and more news in E-IPER's Autumn 2011 Newsletter.
Gretchen Daily wins Prince Albert II Biodiversity award
Submitted on Oct 13 2011

E-IPER Affiliated Faculty member Gretchen Daily received one of three Biodiversity Awards given annually by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Remembering Lee Schipper
Submitted on Aug 22 2011

Schipper, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center researcher and E-IPER affiliated faculty member who focused on transportation, dies at 64.

Re-inventing America's Urban Water Infrastructure
Submitted on Jul 21 2011

E-IPER Affiliated Faculty member Richard Luthy and colleagues lead new multi-university NSF-funded Engineering Research Center to re-invent America's aging and inadequate water infrastructure.

Too Hot for Wine?
Submitted on Jul 20 2011

Climate experts, including E-IPER Affiliated Faculty member Noah Diffenbaugh, say global warming could have serious impacts on California winegrowing, particularly in the East Bay

Permanently Hotter Summers on the Way
Submitted on Jun 29 2011

E-IPER affiliated faculty member Noah Diffenbaugh predicts that many regions of the globe will experience quickly rising temperatures in the next 20 years.