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Stanford Energy Journal
Submitted on Mar 31 2012

Created as an MS Capstone Project by Kevin Hettrich (MBA-MS 2012), the Spring issue features an article written by Megan Guy (MBA-MS 2010).

Knight Management Center Awarded LEED Platinum Rating
Submitted on Mar 15 2012

New eight-building complex for the Graduate School of Business provides an outstanding example of green construction.

The Future of Searsville Dam
Submitted on Mar 7 2012

The steering committee, co-chaired by E-IPER Affiliated Faculty Chris Field, is studying the future of Searsville Dam and Reservoir.

What do we know about energy?
Submitted on Mar 6 2012

E-IPER Affiliated Faculty Margot Gerritsen says there is a critical need for energy literacy in the United States.

Shorter Walk to Water Saves Lives
Submitted on Mar 5 2012

E-IPER Alum Amy Pickering is lead author on a paper discussing the relationship between collecting clean water and the health of children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Winter 2012 Newsletter now available
Submitted on Feb 8 2012

E-IPER's latest newsletter features updates on alumni and much more!

Dialogue and Climate Change
Submitted on Feb 5 2012

E-IPER Lecturer Thomas Hayden discusses the need to have open dialogue about climate change issues.

Linking Environment and Security
Submitted on Jan 19 2012

E-IPER's Naylor, Shilling, and Mankin discuss agriculture and security at National Council for Science and Environment conference.

Is there enough water to go around?
Submitted on Jan 5 2012

E-IPER's Freyberg, Kennedy, Thompson, Cravens, Oakes and Ulibarri lead 12 students through the Grand Canyon for a hands-on water course.

Climate Change and the Trillion-Dollar Disruption
Submitted on Jan 5 2012

E-IPER Affiliated Faculty member Chris Field discusses the affect of climate change on agriculture.