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Ocean health scores 60 out of 100
Submitted on Aug 15 2012

Affiliated faculty member Larry Crowder discusses why a score of 60 isn't exactly a failing grade.

Field Notes from an Iowa Farm
Submitted on Aug 8 2012

Affiliated faculty member Walter Falcon discusses his summer in Iowa.

Prepare for Climate Change Now
Submitted on Aug 1 2012

Affiliated faculty member Chris Field testifies at a US Senate Hearing.

E-IPER PhD Alum Wins Amulya K.N. Reddy Prize
Submitted on Aug 1 2012

Narasimha Rao (PhD 2011) wins prize for paper on India, poverty and cooking energy.

Climate change could open trade opportunites for some nations
Submitted on Jul 31 2012

Affiliated faculty member Noah Diffenbaugh heads a study that forecasts the occurrence of severe dry years during the next nine decades in Tanzania and its key trading partners.

Distilling threats and benefits of Indonesia's palm oil revolution
Submitted on Jul 31 2012

PhD student Joanne Gaskell discusses her dissertation work in Indonesia.

Sugar Cane in Hawai'i
Submitted on Jul 30 2012

E-IPER PhD student Noa Lincoln was featured in the latest version of the magazine Hana Hou.

2012 Environmental Venture Project awards announced
Submitted on Jun 21 2012

Five innovative research projects, many of which have E-IPER affilated faculty involved, will receive grants totaling $833,000 over two years to tackle a broad range of challenges.

Stanford biologists call for humanity to 'scale itself back'
Submitted on Jun 8 2012

With a landmark U.N. environmental conference right around the corner, E-IPER Affiliated Faculty Gretchen Daily and Paul Ehrlich look at how far from sustainability we are as a species.