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Critical need for basic research to unleash promising energy sources
Submitted on Nov 30 2012

Developers of renewable energy and shale gas must overcome fundamental geological and environmental challenges if these promising energy sources are to reach their full potential, according to a trio of leading geoscientists, including affiliated faculty member Mark Zoback.

American West's changing climate spells economic changes, too
Submitted on Nov 21 2012

The State of the West Symposium, hosted by the Bill Lane Center for the American West and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, featured a discussion of the Western United States' future of extreme heat, declining snowpack, and what it all means for the region's industry, electricity generation and policy.


More Afghan land cultivated for opium poppies
Submitted on Nov 21 2012

PhD student Justin Mankin discusses his dissertation work.

Climate change threatens freshwater source for billions
Submitted on Nov 12 2012

Affiliated faculty member Noah Diffenbaugh and other researchers analyze future snowpack decline from California to the Himalayas.


Balanced approach to energy production
Submitted on Oct 29 2012

Several affiliated faculty members say that weaning America off fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy is the best path for the future.

Oil Palm Plantations in Borneo
Submitted on Oct 8 2012

Affiliated faculty member Lisa Curran is project leader on a study showing that deforestation to make way for oil palm plantations in Borneo is becoming a globally significant source of carbon dioxide emissions.

Tropical Rain and Utah's Great Salt Lake
Submitted on Sep 27 2012

Affiliated faculty member Noah Diffenbaugh's research suggests the Great Basin was flooded during the last glacial period by storms moving up from the tropics.


Scientists predict major shifts in Pacific ecosystems by 2100
Submitted on Sep 24 2012

Affliated faculty member Larry Crowder says we can use this study to envision climate change impacts on large predators in the Pacific.

$2.2 Million for Innovative Energy Research
Submitted on Sep 14 2012

Stanford's Precourt Institute, TomKat Center and Precourt Energy Efficiency Center have awarded nine faculty seed grants for cutting-edge energy research.

More Than Enough Wind to Meet Demand
Submitted on Sep 10 2012

Affiliated faculty member Mark Jacobsen and the most sophisticated weather model available.