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Contributing to international affairs
Submitted on Apr 11 2013

Affiliated faculty member Jeremy Weinstein received the Karl Deutsch Award from the International Studies Association, which recognizes young scholars who have made the most significant contributions to the study of international relations and peace research.

What's the sea urchin's secret to surviving ocean acidification?
Submitted on Apr 9 2013

Affiliated faculty member Steve Palumbi is co-author on a paper that reveals rapid evolutionary adaptations to a changing climate. Genetic variation is the key to this ability to deal with higher acidity.

Biodiversity and disease risk for humans
Submitted on Mar 20 2013

Affiliated faculty member Jamie Jones co-authored a paper that pokes holds in widely accepted theory that connects biodiversity abundance with a reduced disease risk for humans.

Renewable Energy Conversion for New York
Submitted on Mar 12 2013

Affiliated faculty member Mark Jacobson co-authored a study that outlines a path to statewide renewable energy conversion, and away from natural gas and imported fuel.

GCEP and novel energy research
Submitted on Mar 11 2013

GCEP, directed by affiliated faculty member Sally Benson, will award $6.6 million for novel energy research that leads to cleaner fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

China's Pollution Problem
Submitted on Feb 25 2013

Faculty Director Peter Vitousek co-authored a study revealing the scale of nitrogen's effect on people and ecosystems.

Exploring new ways to remove atmospheric CO2
Submitted on Feb 15 2013

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions may not be enough to curb global warming, according to scientists including affiliated faculty member Chris Field.

Involvement in the future of Searsville Dam
Submitted on Jan 18 2013

Several E-IPER Affiliated Faculty are on the steering committee to assess the future of the 120-year old dam.

Equal rights for women a critical first step to avoiding civilization's collapse
Submitted on Jan 11 2013

Affiliated Faculty Paul Ehrlich along with his wife Anne, have a newly published report that offers a roadmap for avoiding collapse of civilization.

Heat-resistant corals provide clues to climate change survival
Submitted on Jan 9 2013

Affiliated faculty member Steve Palumbi co-authored the study that found a genomic basis for coral resilience, helping make it possible to save the toughest breeds as temperatures continue to rise.