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E-IPER's home achieves "platinum" grade
Submitted on Aug 9 2013

Y2E2, the home base for E-IPER, went through an extensive evaluation and now proudly holds the highest certification for sustainability from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Priming the pumps: debugging Dhaka's water
Submitted on Aug 7 2013

PhD alum Amy Pickering and affiliated faculty Steve Luby are among the team of researchers working to create safe water for one of the most densely populated spots in the world.

Climate change occurring faster than ever
Submitted on Aug 1 2013

Affiliated faculty Noah Diffenbaugh and Chris Field report that the planet is undergoing one of the largest changes in climate since the dinosaurs went extinct.

Seeking to preserve where the wild things are
Submitted on Jul 25 2013

Affiliated faculty Fiorenza Micheli co-authored a paper that examines why remote wilderness matters, and how best to conserve it.

Internet's backbone can readily be made more sustainable
Submitted on Jul 19 2013

Affiliated faculty Jonathan Koomey co-authored a study showing that larger server farms can cut electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Misconceptions about climate change
Submitted on Jul 9 2013

Affiliated faculty Chris Field says the notion that we'll avoid serious damage to the world's climate if we limit the warming of the atmosphere to a 2-degree-Celsius rise in temperature is untrue.

Cost-effective ways to invest in clean water
Submitted on Jun 20 2013

A free, open-source software tool developed by researchers from the Natural Capital Project at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment guides cost-effective investments in nature for clean and reliable water.

The next generation graduates!
Submitted on Jun 17 2013

On Sunday, June 16, we celebrated the graduation of E-IPER PhDs, MBA-MS and JD-MS students.

Jasper Ridge Turns 40
Submitted on May 15 2013

In the past 40 years, research conducted at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve has transformed fundamental ecology science. Now, interdisciplinary studies are providing more guidance than ever on how to apply that work to help conserve the planet.

Inaugural Stephen H. Schneider Memorial Lecture
Submitted on Apr 24 2013

Former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore calls for passionate action to reverse "degraded" state of democracy.