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Spring Dissertation Defenses

Adam Millard-Ball, advised by Larry Goulder, Economics, and Leonard Ortolano, Civil and Environmental Engineering, will discuss his research on the effectiveness of municipal Climate Action Plans in reducing emissions and the role of transportation in carbon offset programs (April 29). Amy Pickering, advised by Jenna Davis and Alexandra Boehm in Civil and Environmental Engineering, will discuss the relationship between the time burden of water fetching time and child health in Africa and present evidence from Tanzania on the role of hands in transmitting diarrheal disease among households with young children (May 23). Narasimha Rao, advised by Larry Goulder and Debra Satz, Philosophy, will discuss his research on the distribution of economic impacts from energy and future climate mitigation policies in India and their implications for designing equitable international agreements for mitigating climate change (May 27).

See Events for details. Read more about Adam Millard-Ball, Amy Pickering, and Narasimha Rao and their advisors: Larry Goulder, Lenoard Ortolano, Jenna Davis, Alexandra Boehm, and Debra Satz.


Submitted on Dec 31, 1969