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These stories offer a glimpse of the many ways in which faculty and students are addressing some of today's greatest challenges in the Earth and environmental sciences.

Studying social-ecological systems where it matters

E-IPER students, along with faculty and EESS students took 12 undergraduates to Alaska for a unique three-week true field course.

Ground Zero for Climate Change

Joint MS student travels to Antarctica with the Graduate School of Business.

Connecting with Hawai'i

E-IPER Faculty Director Peter Vitousek and students Noa Lincoln (PhD 5th) and Dan Reineman (PhD 3rd) teach field course in Hawai'i during Autumn quarter.

Field Work in Antarctica

E-IPER faculty and PhD student are part of a research cruise to the Ross Sea from February to April 2013.  This is the first ever research voyage to study Southern Ocean food supply as Antarctica transitions to winter. 

Noa Lincoln Selected as a Switzer Environmental Fellow

E-IPER PhD student Noa Lincoln has achieved the high honor of being selected as a Switzer Environmental Fellow by the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation.

Diving into Research

E-IPER PhD students demonstrate the wide range of summer research experiences.

Testing Out Careers

Over the summer, Joint MS students engage in work ranging from litigation to renewable energy.

Landing in Higher Education

E-IPER Alumni are landing careers in higher education ranging from academia to student affairs.

Inspiring Change

After leaving Stanford with their E-IPER degrees in hand, alumni are making a difference in the climate change arena.

Expanding the E-IPER Community

E-IPER welcomed many new additions to the family this Autumn.