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Joint MS Capstone Project Symposium

Date and Time:December 9, 2011 4:00PM
Location: Y2E2 299

Stanford, CA

Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium

Opening Remarks

Peter Vitousek, Faculty Director, E-IPER
Clifford G. Morrison Professor in Population and Resource Studies, Biology
Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment

Presentations of E-IPER Joint MS Students’ Capstone Projects
Session 1: 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Abhishek Gupta, Shane Lauf, Joint MBA-MS
Taking Ecological Services Information to the Mainstream: A Go‐to‐Market Strategy for InVEST

Yi Yin, Roberto Santana, Joint MBA-MS
The Transformation of “China Clean Energy Inc.”

Nick Halla, Joint MBA-MS, Sam Ramirez, Earth Systems/Mechanical Engineering
FreeCarma: Empowering Drivers Through Variable Cost Car Ownership

Ken Alston, Joint MBA-MS
Brazil’s Wind Potential: Opportunities for Wind Energy in a Predominately Hydroelectric Powered Grid

Ashish Nagar, Joint MBA-MS
Insuring Batteries in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

- Break 3:00 - 3:15 pm -

Session 2: 3:15 – 5:00 pm

Tom Elson, Claudine Frasch, Brendan Speechley, Joint MBA-MS
Climate Change and the Future of California Wine Grapes: A Napa Valley Case Study

Christoph Frehsee, Deirdre Norris, Joint MBA-MS
Disrupting the Unsustainable Fashion Accessories Market with Amour Vert

Noah Smith-Drelich, Joint JD-MS
Buying Health: The Impact of a Consumer Subsidy on Vegetable Purchasing, Consumption, and Waste

Lisa Newman-Wise, Joint MBA-MS
Evaluating Challenges and Opportunities: Youth Programs on Community Farms

Peter Richmond, Joint JD-MS
The Cautious Greenfinger: Evaluating the International Law Implications of Cloud Brightening and Stratospheric Hazing

Kevin Hettrich, Joint MBA-MS
The Inaugural Issue of the Stanford Energy Journal: The Future of Nuclear Energy

Please join us for our Holiday Open House following the Symposium
Y2E2 Suite 226

Symposium and Capstone Project prize generously sponsored by the Feigenbaum Nii Foundation