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ERE Winter Seminar Series-Allen Pfeffer

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 16:15
Mitchell Building, Room B67 397 Panama Mall Stanford
Event Sponsor: 
Energy Resources Engineering

Dr. Allen Pfeffer, Senior Expert
Alstom Power

Title: “The Status of CCS – An Alstom Perspective”

There is a general consensus that the release of CO2 from burning fossil fuels contributes to global warming and that some form of CO2 capture and sequestration ( CCS ) will be required as a bridge from the era of fossil fuel to a time when non-carbon fuels can supply the world’s energy needs. Alstom actively supports this conclusion and has been advocating a multi-step development, starting with the switch to lower ( natural gas ) or non-carbon  ( solar, wind, … ), improved efficiency ( lower amount of CO2 for a given power ) by advanced technology and retrofitting existing plants to a modern standard, and finally CCS.

Given the relatively large performance and cost penalties for CCS, Alstom has been following a broad range of technical approaches to CCS and have taken several concepts past the lab stage to fairly large pilots ( 30 MW thermal ). In fact we are ready to proceed to 200+ Mw electric on oxygen firing and are confident that we will be ready with CC technology before sequestration is qualified in the court of public opinion.

The purpose of this presentation is to outline the various approaches investigated by Alstom and others, and to present our status and future plans