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Summer 2012 Newsletter
photo: Joint MS GraduatesPictured from left: C. Light, N. Smith-Drelich, B. Thomson, Dean P. Matson, E. Goldsmith, C. Frehsee, C. Frasch, courtesy H. Doyle (more photos below).
E-IPER had a great showing at the June 17 School of Earth Sciences' Commencement ceremony. Buzz Thompson (Law, Woods Institute for the Environment) introduced the ten Joint MS and PhD students, who were hooded by their advisor or other E-IPER affiliated faculty.

Students participating in Spring Commencement activities included PhD graduates Joanne Gaskell, Kristen Honey, Andrew Perlstein, Rodrigo Pizarro, and Kaitlin Shilling; Joint MBA-MS graduates Claudine Frasch and Christoph Frehsee; Joint JD-MS graduates Clinton Light and Noah Smith-Drelich; and E-IPER's first Joint MD-MS graduate Elizabeth Goldsmith.

Additional spring quarter graduates were Joint MBA-MS students Abishek Gupta, Eijiro Imai, Brendan Speechley, and Daniel Tuttle and Joint JD-MS students Lily Fang, Peter Richmond, and Khalial Withen.

Congratulations to all E-IPER 2011-2012 graduates!

Capstone Projects Cover the Globe
Spring quarter's Joint MS Capstone Projects covered a range of sustainability issues across the globe, from Mexico, to the East Coast, to Kenya, and to Japan. Joint JD-MS students Lily Fang and Khalial Withen applied their understanding of federal policies to make recommendations for the equitable administration of federal home weatherization incentives and for effective regulation of emissions from hydraulic fracturing, respectively. Joint MBA-MS students Sarah Penn and Andrew Longenecker, working as a team, and Eijiro Imai integrated their experience in finance with their technical knowledge to project the future of the growing wind energy sector.

As in the past, the Capstone Project Symposium on June 7 was both highly informative and celebratory, representing the culmination of another cohort of Joint MS students' work. We are particularly proud to congratulate Lizzy Goldsmith, our first medical student, who pioneered the Joint MD-MS path for future students.

photo: Edward Feigenbaum with Joint MBA-MS students.E. Feigenbaum, E. Imai, and A. Longenecker relax after the Capstone Symposium, courtesy H. Doyle.
Andrew Longenecker and Sarah Penn, both Joint MBA-MS: PSL Energy: A Novel Investment Strategy to Expand Capital In Renewable Energy Generation

Khalial Withen, Joint JD-MS: How Should We Manage Methane Emissions from Shale Gas?

Elizabeth Goldsmith, Joint MD-MS: From Monitoring and Evaluation to Effectiveness Assessment: A Project Plan for Puente-Stanford Collaboration

Clinton Light, Joint JD-MS: Sustainably Powering Kenya Through the UN's Partnership for Market Readiness

Eijiro Imai, Joint MBA-MS: Economic Analysis of Japan-South Korea Undersea HVDC Cable: A First Step toward the Asian Super Grid

Lily Fang, Joint JD-MS: State Policies for Multifamily Rental Housing Under the Weatherization Assistance Program

Recent Awards
Frances Moore (PhD 2nd) received the three-year Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship in recognition of students' "pursuit of questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries."

Nikhil Sawe (PhD 2nd) was awarded the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society's PhD Research Fellowship.

Andrew Longenecker and Sarah Penn, both Joint MBA-MS, received this quarter's Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Capstone Project Prize.

Andy Gerhart (PhD 6th) was awarded the School of Earth Sciences' Certificate of Achievement in Mentoring in recognition of his commitment to mentoring undergraduates who are engaged in research in the Spatial History Project Lab.

An article by Hilary Schaffer Boudet (PhD 2010) and Leonard Ortolano (CEE), A Tale of Two Sitings: Contentious Politics in Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Siting in California, received the 2012 Chester Rapkin Best Paper Award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning and the Journal of Planning Education and Research.

Blogging from the Field
photo: Many Alaskan yellow cedars are dying due to climate change, courtesy L. Oakes.

Lauren Oakes (PhD 3rd) is blogging from Alaska for the New York Times Green/Science blog. Lauren's project, the Outer Coast Research Project, is a collaboration between several institutions and the US Forest Service to understand the ecological processes at work as the Alaskan forest responds to climate change, specifically the decline of yellow cedars in the southeastern Alexander Archipelago.

Follow Lauren's blog this summer to get a taste of E-IPER students' field research, rain and all.

Summer Dissertation Defenses
Rodrigo Pizarro: The Global Diffusion of Conservation Policy: An Institutional Analysis
Committee: Roz Naylor (Environmental Earth System Science, lead advisor), Richard Scott (Sociology, lead advisor), Rodolfo Dirzo (Biology), Sarah Soule (Graduate School of Business)

Dissertation Defense: Wednesday, July 18, 11:00am-12:00pm, Nano 232

K. Honey on the Monterey BayK. Honey collecting data on the Monterey Bay, courtesy K. Honey.
Kristen Honey: Aligning Complex, Adaptive Systems Theory and Data-Limited Assessment Strategies for Improved Fisheries Management
Committee: Fiorenza Micheli (Biology/Hopkins, lead advisor), Roz Naylor (Environmental Earth System Science, lead advisor), Stephen Monismith (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Mark Carr (University of California, Santa Cruz), Rod Fujita (Environmental Defense Fund)

Dissertation Defense: Thursday, August 23, 2:00pm-3:00pm, Y2E2 299
Thanks to Faculty and Student Leaders
Now that the academic year has wrapped up, we want to thank our students, faculty, and other colleagues who have made E-IPER so successful and fun this year:

Teaching and Committee Service: Nicole Ardoin (Education), Lisa Curran (Anthropology), Jenna Davis (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Gretchen Daily (Biology), Noah Diffenbaugh (Environmental Earth System Science), Chris Field (Carnegie), Zephyr Frank (History), David Freyberg (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Mark Jacobson (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Eric Lambin (Environmental Earth System Science), Gil Masters (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Mike Mastrandrea (Carnegie and Woods), Steve Palumbi (Hopkins), Erica Plambeck (Business), Buzz Thompson (Law), Terry Root (Woods), Peter Vitousek (Biology), John Weyant (Management Science and Engineering, Precourt Institute for Energy)

Student Leaders: Austin Becker, Marilyn Cornelius, Amanda Cravens, Danny Cullenward, Christina Garay, Rachael Garrett, Lizzy Goldsmith, Rachelle Gould, Robert Heilmayr, Frances Moore, Michael Ovadia, Dan Reineman, Kelly Rosencrans, Nikhil Sawe, Aaron Strong, Nicola Ulibarri

Many thanks also to Roberta Katz in the Office of the President for facilitating E-IPER's strategic planning process; to many colleagues in the School of Earth Sciences Dean's office for finance, administrative, web, and human resources support; to the energetic staff in the Office of Development for their fundraising efforts; and to our many donors and supporters.

photo: PhD GraduatesPictured from left: PhD graduates A. Perlstein, K. Honey, J. Gaskell, K. Shilling, R Pizarro, courtesy H. Doyle.
photo: K. Shilling graduatingK. Shilling adjusts her cap after being hooded with her tie-dyed "interdisciplinary"" hood, courtesy H. Doyle.
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