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Current Students

Creative Communication: E-IPER students collaborate on a d school design project at the autumn 2010 retreat.

Start here!  If you're a current E-IPER student, this gateway will direct you to resources to help you progress successfully through E-IPER and to launch your career beyond Stanford.


Degree Progress

Find all the forms, requirements documents, student handbooks, and other resources to help you through your degree in Requirements and Forms.  Let us know if something is missing or needs updating.

Selecting Courses

Check out courses through Stanford's Explore Courses, E-IPER's Joint MS course tracks, and the PhD curriculum and focal areas pages. Talk to other students about courses and check out the student Wiki for frank course reviews (contact any E-IPER student for access information).

Advising and Mentoring

Use our new advising guidelines (for PhD and Joint MS students) to build productive relationships with your faculty advisors, and to become a better advisor and mentor yourself.  Find other resources, tools, and workshops on our Advising Resources page.

Financial Resources

Check out the extensive list of fellowships, internships, travel grants, research grants, and many other financial resources on our Financial Resources page. For PhD students, summer research funding is available through the School of Earth Sciences and through E-IPER. Stanford's financial aid office has emergency resources, and the financial aid offices of the Graduate School of Business, Stanford Law School, and School of Medicine have resources for Joint MS students.

Professional and Career Development

Check it out and help us improve our Career Resources page! Find out what campus career offices offer: Career Development Center, GSB's Career Management Center, Stanford Law School's Career Services, and the School of Medicine's Career Center.

Your Website Profile

Check out your profile on our student pages and update it as often as you want using these instructions. Let us know if you have questions or need help.

Other Useful Campus Resources

Office of Student Affairs:  essential web sites for graduate students
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
School of Earth Sciences
Graduate Life Office