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Africa's Food Systems in 2030

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 15:00
Bechtel Conference Room Encina Hall Stanford, CA 94305
Event Sponsor: 
Center on Food Security and the Environment

Paul Collier and Derek Byerlee will share the stage to discuss Africa's food systems in 2030. Collier posits African food production has failed to keep pace with demand over the course of several decades, suggesting that there is a deep problem with respect to innovation and investment. He will talk about how to manage the difference between helpful and damaging commercialization in Africa particularly as Africa starts to open land markets to large foreign management. Byerlee will lay out a number of models of inclusive agribusiness growth and the institutional and policy context as well as commodity characteristics that favor these models. He will also discuss cross-cutting policy priorities to enable the growth of commercial agriculture and agribusiness.

The symposium is part of a larger series on Global Food Policy and Food Security hosted by the Center on Food Security and the Enivronment