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Joint MS


All applicants must hold a BA or BS degree from an accredited US college or university or its equivalent from an international institution of recognized standing, as listed on the Graduate Admissions site. Joint MS applicants must also apply to and be accepted by, or have already matriculated in the Graduate School of Business (GSB), Stanford Law School, or School of Medicine. E-IPER does not offer a stand-alone MS degree and the Joint MS is not a pathway for entering E-IPER's PhD program.

Test Scores

Joint MS applicants are not required to submit GRE scores, but may choose to do so. Joint MS applicants should submit the LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT scores they submitted with their professional school application. Because the LSAT does not include a quantitative component, students applying for the Joint JD-MS should include a brief paragraph describing their quantitative preparation (ie. previous coursework in mathematics and sciences, etc. or relevant professional work) for the science and engineering courses that are required for the Joint MS.


E-IPER is not able to provide funding for Joint MS students at this time. Joint MS students are responsible for paying GSB tuition for two years or Stanford Law School tuition for three years, and then will pay Stanford graduate school tuition for any additional quarters. Graduate tuition rates are set by the University each year and depend on the number of units taken. Financial aid for Joint MS students may be available through the individual professional schools, in some cases targeted specifically to students pursuing the Joint MS: