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Joint MS FAQs

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What is E-IPER?

What is E-IPER, and what can I do with a Joint MS degree from E-IPER?

E-IPER is an interdisciplinary graduate program, rooted in the School of Earth Sciences. The E-IPER Joint MS allows professional degree students to take advantage of environment and resources courses, faculty, and programs on campus, earning an MS while jointly completing their professional degree in Stanford Law School, Graduate School of Business, or School of Medicine.

What is a Joint MS?

At Stanford, a Joint MS is a Masters of Science degree that is completed concurrently with another graduate or professional degree, allowing some coursework to count towards both degrees. E-IPER offers a Joint MS for selected students currently enrolled in Stanford's Graduate School of Business or Stanford Law School, and a dual MS for students at Stanford's School of Medicine, in which course units are not double-counted.

Are there any pre-requisites for applying to the E-IPER Joint MS Program?

Yes, admission to a professional school program (Stanford Law School, Graduate School of Business, or School of Medicine) is a pre-requisite for admission to the E-IPER Joint MS. There is no stand-alone MS program, and the Joint MS degree is conferred simultaneously with a Stanford MBA, JD, or MD degree.

What have past E-IPER Joint MS students gone on to do after they graduated?

Our students have gone on to a variety of interesting careers in government, non-profits, venture capital, start-ups and other companies including judicial clerkships and law firms, the Sierra Club, PG&E, Silver Spring Networks, OPOWER, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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Structure and Financial Considerations of the Joint MS Program

How long will it take to complete the Joint MS degree?

The E-IPER Joint MS is a flexible program, and the time required to complete it depends on your professional school and your course planning. Generally, the Joint MBA/MS can be completed in 2 years and 2-3 additional quarters beyond the MBA; the Joint JD/MS can be completed in 3 years, and the Dual MD/MS can be completed in 5 years, which includes an additional year beyond medical school.

How much does it cost?

Joint MS students pay tuition in their professional school: 2 years for MBA students and 3 years for Law students. Joint MBA and MD students who take additional quarters to complete their E-IPER course work pay Stanford Graduate tuition, which is generally less than tuition at the Professional Schools. Please see the following links for more information on tuition and financial aid: (Graduate School of Business, Law School, or School of Medicine).

Is there funding available for Joint MS students?

E-IPER does not currently provide funding for Joint MS students. They are encouraged to seek available financial aid through their professional schools and/or sources outside Stanford.

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Application Process

Who is eligible to apply?

Graduate students currently enrolled in Stanford's Graduate School of Business or Law School are eligible to apply for the Joint MS in Environment and Resources. Students at Stanford's Medical School are eligible to apply for the dual MS/MD degree. Although admission to the E-IPER Program is dependent on admission to one of the above listed graduate schools, you may apply for the Joint MS at the same time you apply to your professional school.

I am not interested in an MBA, JD, or MD degree. Can I still apply for the Joint MS in Environment and Resources?

No. We do not have a stand-alone MS degree. We do, however, have a PhD Program in Environment and Resources.

Where can I find more information on how to apply for the Joint MS?

Complete application instructions are available on the E-IPER website on the Admissions page.

Should I contact potential advisors during the application process?

E-IPER Joint MS students are advised by an E-IPER affiliated faculty member, generally from a science or engineering department and by an E-IPER PhD student peer advisor. While you may contact potential advisors while preparing your application, you do not need to secure an advisor to be admitted.

Are there course prerequisites for application to the E-IPER MS?

Though E-IPER has no specific course prerequisites for application purposes, it is expected that students will enter the program with foundational quantitative skills. These skills may be obtained through E-IPER coursework as long as students understand that this may extend the length of their program.

Could I be admitted to my professional school, but not E-IPER or vice-versa?

Yes, it is possible that you could be admitted to your professional school program, but not admitted to the E-IPER Joint MS Program. It is not possible to be admitted to the E-IPER program without first being admitted to a professional school program; we do not have a stand-alone MS degree.

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Test Requirements

Are GRE test scores required to apply to the Joint MS Program?

No, GRE scores are not required for application to the Joint MS Program. The E-IPER admissions committee will consider the LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT scores that were submitted with your professional school application. Because the LSAT does not include a quantitative component, students applying for the Joint JD-MS should include a brief paragraph describing their quantitative preparation (ie. previous coursework in mathematics and sciences, etc. or relevant professional work) for the science and engineering courses that are required of the Joint MS.

Are there any minimum score requirements on the LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT?

There are no specific score requirements, however, E-IPER is a highly competitive program and excellent scores on all standardized test components are expected.

Should I send my test scores to E-IPER prior to applying to the Program?

No, please do not send your test scores to E-IPER staff prior to applying to the Program. We are not able to comment on your individual scores or make recommendations to you based on your scores. Please see the information regarding appropriate scores for your professional school.

What is the TOEFL requirement?

If you were required to submit TOEFL scores as part of your application to your professional school, these will be forwarded to the E-IPER admissions committee. Applicants who hold a bachelor's degree or a two-year master's degree from an accredited English speaking university are exempted from the TOEFL requirement. Applicants must meet the TOEFL score requirements set forth by their professional school.

Additional questions?

Contact E-IPER's Associate Director Deb Wojcik at

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