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PhD Requirements

E-IPER's PhD Requirements lay out a scaffold of advising meetings, core courses, program activities, and milestones to guide each student's progress. Each student works with a faculty advising team, comprising at least two faculty from different disciplines, to design a course of study that must achieve three goals:

  1. Develop mastery in two distinct Fields of Inquiry, as defined by the student and his/her Lead Advisors.
  2. Provide familiarity with a wide variety of analytical tools and research approaches for interdisciplinary problem solving and mastery of those tools and approaches central to the student’s thesis work.
  3. Demonstrate a fundamental level of interdisciplinary breadth of knowledge about environment and natural resources, as determined by the student and his/her Lead Advisors.

The PhD Requirements are updated annually with faculty and student input and approved by E-IPER's Executive Committee. Current and prospective students are also encouraged to read the Stanford Bulletin for the most current Stanford graduate student policies.

The Requirements outline the program's expectations for all students, but each E-IPER PhD student's pathway is unique in terms of research, coursework, and advising. The average time to complete the E-IPER PhD is about five years.