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PhD Dissertation Defenses

Click the student's name to see his/her dissertation defense video, if available.


Nikit Abhyankar - Essays on Modeling Energy Future of India: Natural Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Austin Becker - Building seaport resilience for climate change adaptation: Problem identification, impacts assessment, and stakeholder strategies

Rebecca Benner - Novel Institutional Approaches for Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Hilary Schaffer Boudet - Contentious Politics in Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Siting

Kate Brauman - Hydrologic Ecosystem Services: Managing Land Cover to Enhance Water Resources

Marilyn Cornelius - Designing Behavioral Solutions to Reduce Residential Energy Use

Danny Cullenward - Essays in Energy Economics and Climate Policy

Jason Funk - Carbon farming in New Zealand: An Interdisciplinary Assessment of Indigenous Reforestation as a Land-use System

Rachael Garrett - Interactions between global supply chains, land use, and governance: the case of soybean production in South America

Joanne Gaskell - The Palm Oil Revolution in Asia

Joshua Goldstein - Paying for Conservation in Human-Dominated Landscapes

Rachelle Gould - The Forest Has a Story: Reforestation and Cultural Ecosystem Services in Kona, Hawaiˈi

Mark Hayes - Flexible LNG Supply, Gas Storage and Price Formation in a Global Gas Market

Kristen Honey - Aligning Complex, Adaptive Systems Theory and Data-Limited Assessment Strategies for Improved Fisheries Management

Michael Hooper - The Dynamics of Displacement: A Study of Slum Dweller Mobilization Around Urban Evictions in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Holmes Hummel - Technology and Policy Implications of Global Energy Scenarios that Stabilize Global Warming in the 21st Century

Adam Leising - Peer Effects within Homeowner Adoption of Solar-PV Panels: A Case-Control Study of Three Northern California Cities 

Noa Lincoln - Agroecology of the Kona Field System

Heather Lukacs - Sustaining the benefits of stream restoration by watershed groups in Appalachia

Michael Mastrandrea - "Dangerous" Climate Change: Probabilistic Integrated Assessment, Ecosystem Impacts, and Abrupt Climatic Change

Adam Millard-Ball - Why Do Cities Care About Climate Change? Essays on Carbon Offsets and Climate Action Plans

Kimberly Nicholas - Global change in local places: Climate change and the future of The Wine Industry in Sonoma and Napa , California

Kirsten Oleson - Sustainability of comprehensive wealth - A practical and normative assessment

Andrew Perlstein - Sustainable Urban Development in China: Challenges for the Planning Profession

Amy Pickering - Water access, hand hygiene, and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Rodrigo Pizarro - The Global Diffusion of Conservation Policy: an Institutional Analysis

Narasimha Rao - Distributional Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation in India: National and Global Implications

Elizabeth Richards - Over-Allocation and the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation:  Water Rights Settlement Agreements in New Mexico

Caroline Scruggs - Minimizing Unregulated Hazardous Chemicals in Consumer Products: Challenges, Strategies, and Motivations of Proactive Companies

Geoff Shester - Sustainability In Small-Scale Fisheries: An Analysis Of Ecosystem Impacts, Fishing Behavior, and Spatial Management Using Participatory Research Methods

Kaitlin Shilling - Climate Change and Conflict: Identifying the Mechanisms

Carolyn Snyder - Key uncertainties in the risks of future climate change: Insights from a probabilistic analysis of climate change over the past million years

Veena Srinivasan - An integrated framework for analysis of water supply strategies in a developing world city: Chennai, India

Mehana Blaich Vaughan - Holoholo i ke kai o Hiala'a.  Collaborative Community Care and Management of Coastal Resources: Creating State Law Based on Customary Community Rules To Manage a Near Shore Fishery in Hawai'i

Justin Warren - A Policy Comparison of Bacterial Pollution at Two Swimming Beaches in Southern California Using a Joint Physical-Behavioral-Economic Simulation Analysis

Xuehua Zhang - Enforcing Environmental Regulations in Hubei Province, China:  Agencies, Courts, Citizens