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PhD Core

The first year PhD core courses introduce students to the diverse theories, analytical tools, and methods required for interdisciplinary research.

ENVRES 310: Environmental Forum Seminar

ENVRES 315: Environmental Research Design Seminar

ENVRES 320: Designing Environmental Research

ENVRES 330: Research Approaches for Environmental Problem Solving

*Corequisite with ENVRES 330: ENVRES 398 with the faculty member chosen to conduct a literature review on a potential dissertation topic.

In addition to the E-IPER core, all first year PhD students are required to take EARTHSCI 300: Earth Sciences Seminar which provides a broad overview of research questions, tools, and approaches of faculty members from all departments in the School of Earth Sciences.

Following these core courses, students will take additional coursework and independent study, as deemed appropriate in consultation with his/her advising team. Students should develop deep knowledge and understanding in areas of their particular research interests, with the aim of conducting innovative, first-rate research. Students can demonstrate that they have attained the necessary knowledge and skills in their selected Fields of Inquiry through a combination of coursework, experience, and research, to be assessed and approved by each student’s qualifying committee. Students should work closely with their Lead Advisors and committee in developing a course of study tailored to the student’s background and desired future work.