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Joint MS Requirements

Students' pathway through the Joint MS degree is guided by a comprehensive Requirements document which is updated annually with faculty and student input and approved by E-IPER's Executive Committee. Current and prospective students are encouraged to read the Stanford Bulletin for the most current Stanford graduate student policies.

The Joint MS Requirements guide students and their advising teams in selecting appropriate courses from throughout the University to meet Masters' level rigor. Depending on their background and interests, Joint MS students focus their coursework in one science and technology Course Track described in more detail under Joint MS Course Tracks.

To ensure that students get the most out of the program and meet the requirements of both degrees, the Joint MBA-MS in Environment and Resources requires one to three additional quarters beyond the two year MBA. The Joint JD-MS in Environment and Resources degree may be completed within the student's three years in law school but will require that students limit their law coursework to fit in Joint MS courses. Alternatively, students may add extra quarters. School of Medicine students are encouraged to take a full extra year to complete the Joint MS, either between their second and third years or third and fourth years of medical school.