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Joint MS Forms

General Documents and Forms


These must be completed before beginning the Joint MS degree:

  • Enrollment Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs (Registrars Office Form)
  • Graduate Program Authorization Petition - submit electronically through Axess: from the Academics panel in your Student Center, select "Petitions and Forms" to submit the Grad Authorization petition to add the E-IPER MS in Environment and Resources electronically.
  • Meet with E-IPER Program Manager in your first quarter.


Meet with Faculty and PhD Peer Advisor approximately each quarter to discuss your degree progress and career options:

Capstone Project

  • Review the 2013-2014 Capstone Project Guidelines
  • Enroll in ENVRES 290. Capstone Project Seminar (offered Autumn or Spring quarters)


In the quarter you plan to graduate:

  • Update your Course Planning Template or Program Plan
  • Meet with E-IPER Program Manager before the add/drop deadline to review progress
  • Apply to graduate in Axess before deadline