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Joint MS Capstone Project

The Joint MS Capstone Project is an opportunity for students to address a real-world environmental problem by integrating their E-IPER and professional school coursework in an interdisciplinary project. Students' Capstone Projects showcase the knowledge and analytical skills acquired during their Joint MS program and demonstrate their ability to integrate their science, engineering, and technology knowledge with their professional schoolwork. Students present their Projects at a public symposium, held at the end of each quarter in which students are completing projects.

Project ideas are usually student generated; however, students are encouraged to work with Stanford faculty and E-IPER PhD students to develop a project of mutual interest. The Capstone Project Guidelines, updated annually, describe the proposal and implementation process. Students may work on their projects individually or in a group of up to 3 students.


Previous Capstone Projects


Autumn 2013:

Nicole Schuetz, Joint MBA-MS: Advancing Efficiency and Renewable Power Through State Level
Energy Policy: A Survey of What Works

Lauren Laustsen, Karl Skare, Sendil Palani, Joint MBA-MS: AgoraSol: Powering Brazil's Future Through Distributed Solar

Dele Adeyemo, Joint MBA-MS: Developing a Model for Better Targeting of Residential Solar PV

Anna Kovaleva, Joint MBA-MS: Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency in Russia

Phil Wieland, Joint MBA-MS: Energy Efficiency in the Hospitality Industry: Retrofitting a Bay
Area Hotel

Zach Scheel, Joint MBA-MS: Measuring Sustainable Development in the Global Engineering,
Procurement, & Construction (EPC) Industry

Ashwin Madgavkar, Joint MBA-MS: Ceres Imaging: Making Farming Data-Driven Visualizing
Water Stress Through Multispectral Imaging

Marc Manara, Kerem Alper, Mark Wittman, Joint MBA-MS: Evaluating the Sustainability of Direct-delivery Food Service
Relative to Traditional Brick & Mortar Restaurants

Doug Weiss, Emily Steinberg, Ruthie Schwab, Joint MBA-MS: Bringing Sustainable Produce Offerings to Walmart's Same-day Delivery Service

Watch videos of students' Capstone Project presentations at the Autumn 2013 Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium.

Spring 2013:

Ivan La Frinere-Sandoval, Joint MBA-MS: Residential Grid Parity – Affordable Solar
Electricity in Palo Alto, California, and Beyond

Adrian LeCesne, Joint JD-MS: Smart Meter Deployment in Missouri: Policy and Strategy

Stacy Kourlis, Joint JD-MS:A
Framework for Assessing the Science and Policy of Citizen Protests to BLM
Grazing Permits 

Kelly Rosencrans, Joint JD-MS: Carbon Finance for Small-scale Renewables

Summer (Yulin) Tu, Joint MBA-MS:Big Data Analytics for Building Energy Efficiency, Statistical Anomaly Detection in Building Data


Autumn 2012:

Brandon Hsiung and Christina Garay, Joint MBA-MS: Disrupting the Livestock Industry

Julian Jordan and Catherine Chang, Joint MBA-MS: Urban Design Innovation for Disaster

Jaehoo Lee, Joint MBA-MS: Electricity Import Roadmap from Far East Russia to Japan

Victor Viros and Francisco Torreabla, Joint MBA-MS: Triggering a Large Scale Energy
Transformation in Chile Through Financial Feasibility of Pumped Storage Plants

Alex Pratt, Joint MBA-MS: Cost Effective Energy Efficiency in Department of Defense Data Centers

David Weiskopf, Joint JD-MS and Danny Cullenward, PhD-JD: Is Lifecycle Analysis Unconstitutional? A Case Study in Interdisciplinary Lawyering

Rebecca Levin and Katie Hill, Joint MBA-MS and Kelly Rosencrans, Joint JD-MS: Building the Global Sunshine Network: Identifying International Markets for Residential Rooftop Solar 

Watch videos of students' Capstone Project presentations at the Autumn 2012 Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium.


Spring 2012:

Andrew Longenecker, Joint MBA-MS and Sarah Penn, Joint MBA-MS, PSL Energy: A Novel Investment Strategy to Expand Capital In Renewable Energy Generation 

Khalial Withen, Joint JD-MS, How Should We Manage Methane Emissions from Shale Gas?

Elizabeth Goldsmith, Joint MD-MS, From Monitoring and Evaluation to Effectiveness Assessment: A Project Plan for Puente-Stanford Collaboration

 Clinton Light, Joint JD-MS, Sustainably Powering Kenya Through the UN's Partnership for Market Readiness

Eiji Imai, Joint MBA-MS, Economic Analysis of Japan-South Korea Undersea HVDC Cable: A First Step toward the Asian Super Grid

Lily Fang, Joint JD-MS, State Policies for Multifamily Rental Housing Under the Weatherization Assistance Program


Autumn 2011:

Abhishek Gupta, Shane Lauf, Joint MBA-MS, Taking Ecological Services Information to the Mainstream: A Go to Market Strategy for InVEST

Yi Yin, Roberto Santana Joint MBA-MS, The Transformation of “China Clean Energy Inc.”

Nick Halla, Joint MBA-MS, Sam Ramirez Earth Systems/Mechanical Engineering MS 
FreeCarma: Empowering Drivers Through Variable Cost Car Ownership

Ken Alston, Joint MBA-MS Brazil’s Wind Potential: Opportities for Wind Energy in a Predominately Hydroelectric Powered Grid

Ashish Nagar, Joint MBA-MS, Insuring Batteries in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Tom Elson, Claudine Frasch, Brendan Speechley, Joint MBA-MS, Climate Change and the Future of California Wine Grapes: A Napa Valley Case Study

Christoph Frehsee, Deirdre Norris, Joint MBA-MS, Disrupting the Unsustainable Fashion Accessories Market with Amour Vert

Noah Smith-Drelich, Joint JD-MS, Buying Health: The Impact of a Consumer Subsidy on Vegetable Purchasing, Consumption, and Waste

Lisa Newman-Wise, Joint MBA-MS, Evaluating Challenges and Opportunities: Youth Programs on Community Farms

Peter Richmond, Joint JD-MS, The Cautious Greenfinger: Evaluating the International Law Implications of Cloud Brightening and Stratospheric Hazing

Kevin Hettrich, Joint MBA-MS, The Inaugural Issue of the Stanford Energy Journal: The Future of Nuclear Energy

Watch videos of students' Capstone Project presentations at the Autumn 2011 Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium.


Spring 2011:

Edward Castaño: Scaling Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Sarah Greer: State Mandated Energy Efficiency Measures: A Comprehensive Survey

Felice Gunawan: Water Re-use at a Sweater Manufacturing Company in Indonesia

Megan Herzog: The Practical Utility of Rights to Water: Lessons from the Water Controversy in Phiri, South Africa

Sam Hodges and John Krzywicki: Assessing the viability of integrated wind power generation and transmission systems

Yohei Iwasaki: Plan for Commercializing a Novel Hydrogel Technology

Ashish Jhina, Dan Tuttle, and Florian Weidinger: Creating Ecosystem Innovation in Water and Sanitation Infrastructure

Kimiko Narita: Looking Forward: Creating a Framework for Federal Marine Spatial Planning in the Gulf of Mexico in Light of the BP Oil Spill

Jay Ryu: A Thermolytic Approach to Diesel Pollution Abatement

Anna Veit: Impact Analysis and Business Plan for the Non Profit Arm of Carbon Lighthouse

Watch videos of students' Capstone Project presentations at the Spring 2011 Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium.

Fall 2010:

Eli Gregory: Congestion and Greenhouse Gases: The potential of congestion mitigationstrategies to reduce CO2 emissions

Megan Guy: Paper or Practical? Evaluating the Prospects for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in the U.S.

Graeme Waitzkin: Local Personal Mobility: The Role of the Low Range Electric Vehicle

Watch videos of students' Capstone Project presentations at the Autumn 2010 Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium.


Spring 2010:

Michael Dawson: Understanding Utility Requirements for Grid-Scale Batteries

Sandrine Dury: An Investigation of High Altitute Wind Power Generation for Joby Energy

Sumi Kim: Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

Brenden Millstein and Michael Dorsey: Carbon Lighthouse, Leading the Way to a Carbon-Free Future

Watch videos of students' presentations at the Spring 2010 Capstone Project Symposium.


If you have any questions about the Capstone Projects or ideas for a potential Project, please contact  E-IPER's Associate Director.