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Trevor Dumitru

  • 1989 | Ph.D., Geology, University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • 1986 | M.A., Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1983 | A.B., Geology, Harvard University
Professional Experience: 
  • 2006 – Present | Research Associate, Stanford University
  • 2001 – 2006 | Consulting Associate Professor, Stanford University
  • 1994 – 2001 | Research Associate, Stanford University
  • 1990 – 1994 | Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University
  • 1989 – 1990 | Postdoctoral Fellow, La Trobe University (Australia)
  • 2010* | T.A. Dumitru, J. Wakabayashi, J.E. Wright, and J.L. Wooden, Early Cretaceous (ca. 123 Ma) transition from nonaccretionary behavior to strongly accretionary behavior within the Franciscan subduction complex, Tectonics, in press
  • 2009* | Miller, E.L., S.M. Katkov, A. Strickland, J. Toro, V.V. Akinin, and T.A. Dumitru, Geochronology and thermochronology of Cretaceous plutons and metamorphic country rocks, Anyui-Chukotka fold belt, North East Arctic Russia, in D.B. Stone et al., eds., Origi
  • 2009* | Van Buer, N.J., E.L. Miller, and T.A. Dumitru, Early Tertiary paleogeologic map of the northern Sierra Nevada Batholith and the northwestern Basin and Range, Geology), v. 37, p. 371-374.
  • 2007* | Unruh, J.R., T.A. Dumitru, and T.L. Sawyer, Coupling of early Tertiary extension in the Great Valley forearc basin with blueschist exhumation in the underlying Franciscan accretionary wedge at Mt. Diablo, California, Geological Society of America Bulletin
  • 2007* | Wakabayashi, J., and T.A. Dumitru, 40Ar/39Ar ages from coherent, high-pressure metamorphic rocks of the Franciscan Complex, California: Revisiting the timing of metamorphism of the world’s type subduction complex, International Geological Review, v. 49,
  • 2006* | Miller, E.L., J. Toro, G. Gehrels, J.M. Amato, A. Prokopiev, M. Tuchkova, V. Akinin, T.A. Dumitru, T.E. Moore, and M. Cecile, New insights into Arctic paleogeography and tectonics from detrital zircon geochronology, Tectonics, v. 25, TC3013.
  • 2006* | Colgan, J.P., T.A. Dumitru, E.L. Miller, and P.W. Reiners, Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Basin and Range Province in northwestern Nevada, American Journal of Science, v. 306, p. 616-654.
  • 2006* | Colgan, J.P., T.A. Dumitru, M. McWilliams, and E.L. Miller, Timing of Cenozoic volcanism and Basin and Range extension in northwestern Nevada: New constraints from the northern Pine Forest Range, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 118, p. 126-139
  • 2004* | Colgan, J.P., T.A. Dumitru, and E.L. Miller, Diachroneity of Basin and Range extension and Yellowstone hotspot volcanism in northwestern Nevada, Geology, v. 32, p. 121-124.
  • 2003* | Egger, A.E., T.A. Dumitru, E.L. Miller, C.F.I. Savage, and J.L. Wooden, Timing and nature of Tertiary plutonism and extension in the Grouse Creek Mountains, Utah, International Geology Review, v. 45, p. 497-532.
  • 2003* | Stockli, D.F., T.A. Dumitru, M.O. McWilliams, and K.A. Farley, Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the White Mountains, California and Nevada, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 115, p. 788-816.
  • 2002* | Moore, T.E. T.A. Dumitru, K.E. Adams, S.N. Witebsky, and A.G. Harris, Origin of the Lisburne Hills-Herald Arch structural belt: Stratigraphic, structural, and fission-track evidence from the Cape Lisburne area, northwestern Alaska, in Tectonic Evolution o
  • 2002* | Toro, J., P.B. Gans, W.C. McClelland, and T.A. Dumitru, Deformation and exhumation of the Mount Igikpak region, central Brooks Range, Alaska, in Tectonic Evolution of the Bering Shelf–Chukchi Sea–Arctic Margin and Adjacent Landmasses, Geological Society o
  • 2002* | D.F. Stockli, B.E. Surpless, T.A. Dumitru, and Farley, K.A., Thermochronologic constraints on the timing and magnitude of Miocene and Pliocene extension in the central Wassuk Range, western Nevada, Tectonics, v. 21, no. 4, 10.1029/2001TC001295.
  • 2002* | Surpless, B.E., D.F. Stockli, T.A. Dumitru, and E.L. Miller, Elizabeth L., Two-phase westward encroachment of Basin and Range extension into the northern Sierra Nevada, Tectonics, v. 21, no. 1, 10.1029/2000TC001257.
  • 2001* | Dumitru, T.A., and M.S. Hendrix, Fission track constraints on Jurassic folding and thrusting in southern Mongolia and their relationship to the Beishan thrust belt of northern China, in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of Central and Eastern Asia
  • 2001* | Dumitru, T.A., D. Zhou, E. Chang, S.A. Graham, M.S. Hendrix, E.R. Sobel, and A.R. Carroll, Uplift, exhumation, and deformation in the Chinese Tian Shan, in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of Central and Eastern Asia: From Continental Assembly t
  • 2001 | Wannamaker, P.E, J.M. Bartley, A.F. Sheehan, C.H. Jones, A.R. Lowry, T.A. Dumitru, T.A. Ehlers, W.S. Holbrook, G.L. Farmer, M.J. Unsworth, D.B.Hall, D.S. Chapman, D.A. Okaya, B.E. John, and J.A. Wolfe, Great Basin-Colorado Plateau transition in central Ut
  • 2000* | Dumitru, T. A., Fission-track geochronology, in Quaternary Geochronology: Methods and Applications, edited by J.S. Noller, J.M., Sowers, and W.R. Lettis, American Geophysical Union Reference Shelf, v. 4, p. 131-156.
  • 2000* | Arrowsmith, R., R. Bürgmann, and T. Dumitru, Uplift and fault slip rates in the southern San Francisco Bay Area from fission tracks, geomorphology, and geodesy, in Quaternary Geochronology: Methods and Applications, edited by J.S. Noller, J.M., Sowers, an
  • 2000* | Stockli, D.F., Farley, K.A., and Dumitru, T.A., Calibration of the apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronometer on an exhumed fault block, White Mountains, California, Geology, v. 28, p. 983-986.
  • 1999* | Miller, E.L., T.A. Dumitru, R.W. Brown, and P.B. Gans, Rapid Miocene slip on the Snake Range–Deep Creek Range fault system, east-central Nevada, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 111, p. 886-905.
  • 1998 | Dumitru, T.A., Fission-track geochronology, in Dating and Earthquakes: Review of Quaternary Geochronology and its Application to Paleoseismology, edited by J.M. Sowers, J.S. Noller, and W.R. Lettis, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission report NUREG/CR 5562
  • 1998 | Arrowsmith, R., R. Bürgmann, and T. Dumitru, Uplift and fault slip rates in the southern San Francisco Bay Area constrained by fission tracks, geomorphology, and geodesy, in Dating and Earthquakes: Review of Quaternary Geochronology and its Application t
  • 1998* | Dumitru, T.A., and D.F. Stockli, A better way to separate apatite from zircon using constriction tubes, in Advances in Fission-Track Geochronology, edited by P. Van den haute and F. De Corte, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands, p. 325-330.
  • 1997* | House, M.A., B.P. Wernicke, K.A. Farley, and T.A. Dumitru, Cenozoic thermal evolution of the central Sierra Nevada, California, from (U-Th)/He thermochronometry, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 151, p. 167-179.
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  • 1995* | Dumitru, T.A., E.L. Miller, P.B. O'Sullivan, J.M. Amato, K.A. Hannula, A.C. Calvert, and P.B. Gans, Cretaceous to Recent extension in the Bering Strait region, Alaska, Tectonics, v. 14, p. 549-563.
  • 1995* | Hannula, K., E.L. Miller, T.A. Dumitru, J. Lee, and C.M. Rubin, Structural and metamorphic relations in the southwestern Seward Peninsula, Alaska: Crustal extension and unroofing of blueschists, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 107, p. 536-553.
  • 1994* | Dumitru, T.A., I.R. Duddy, and P.F. Green, Mesozoic-Cenozoic burial, uplift, and erosion history of the west-central Colorado Plateau, Geology , v. 22, p. 499-502.
  • 1994* | Hendrix, M.S., T.A. Dumitru, and S.A. Graham, Late Oligocene-Early Miocene unroofing in the Chinese Tian Shan: an early effect of the India-Asia collision, Geology, v. 22, p. 487-490.
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  • 1994 | Tomlinson, A.J., C. Mpodozis, P. Cornejo, C.F. Ramirez, and T. Dumitru, 1994, The Sierra Castillo-Agua Amarga fault system: Eocene sinistral transpression in the Precordillera of Potrerillos-El Salvador (in Spanish), Septimo Congreso Geologico Chileno, Ac
  • 1994* | Gallagher, K., T. Dumitru, and A. Gleadow, Constraints on the vertical motions of eastern Australia during the Mesozoic, Basin Research, v. 6, p. 77-94.
  • 1993* | Dumitru, T.A., A new computer-automated microscope stage system for fission-track analysis, Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements, v. 21, p. 575-580.
  • 1991* | Dumitru, T.A., P.B. Gans, D.A. Foster, and E.L. Miller, Refrigeration of the western Cordilleran lithosphere during Laramide shallow-angle subduction, Geology, v. 19, p. 1145-1148.
  • 1991* | Dumitru, T.A., Major Quaternary uplift along the northernmost San Andreas fault, King Range, northwestern California, Geology, v. 19, p. 526-529.
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  • 1989 | Naeser, C.W., I.R. Duddy, D.P. Elston, T.A. Dumitru, and P.F. Green, Fission track dating: Ages for Cambrian strata and Laramide and post-Middle Eocene cooling events from the Grand Canyon, Arizona, in Geology of the Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona, Field
  • 1988* | Dumitru, T.A., Subnormal geothermal gradients in the Great Valley forearc basin, California, during Franciscan subduction: A fission track study, Tectonics, v. 7, p. 1201-1221.
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Director of Fission Track Thermochronology Laboratory

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